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In an intense uncensored conversation between Kofi – 41, out Benton Harbor Michigan, Carlos – 51, out of New York City but now residing in Charleston South Carolina, and LanceScurv – 52, also a lifelong New Yorker to the core but residing in Orlando Florida, many topics were touched on and actually too much to list.

This was the type of long winded dialogue that can truly be enjoyed and absorbed when you are home relaxing on a free day with nothing to do and a little tired from being up the night before.

These are the type of verbal exchanges that we grew up on that not only entertained, but also informed and maintained its compelling nature throughout.

I am quite sure that some of the subject matter here in our chat will stimulate many thought provoking debates for a long time to come.

To reveal one of the few topics that we covered – one of which is a very sensitive one indeed – is the difference in the thinking between Black people from the northern regions of the United States as opposed to those who were born and raised in the southern areas of America.

Many on either end of the spectrum may feel insulted or validated by the opinions expressed in this video but I am one who believes that we have to stop concerning ourselves with being so politically correct in order to finally tackle some very unnecessary stigmas that have plagued us that will remain intact if we don’t quarantine them to initially banish them.

To me very few Black people in America are bold enough to come clean to admit that these differences in our collect thought processes are indeed tangible enough to even address.

Yet we suffer as a race with our in-house fighting while all of the other races and cultures surpass us with ease as we beat each other down with the same dysfunctional toxic dynamics that were initially stoked in the days of legal slavery.

While I know for a fact that we as a people are not truly free because of the covert government backed forces against us, we do ourselves even more of a disservice because of the foolishness against each other that exists in our heads that greatly helps to manifest an atmosphere of oppression which aids the actual oppressive forces to make their job even easier.

We put ourselves in the position of overkill, not only do we have hell coming at us from the outside, but we add on to it as a community from within.

So sad indeed.

So I feel the best way for us to deal with the obstacle is to acknowledge that there is an obstacle in the first place.

While it may be a temporary remedy to place several buckets below the roof that leaks during a rainstorm, after a time you have to face reality and go up there and fix the roof!

I look forward to your comments and if there are any other aspects of this conversation that you would like for us to speak on in a more in depth manner, shoot me a message or a call and it shall be done!

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