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After an enjoyable and very spontaneous overnight trip with my Wife, upon our return we made several stops and decided before heading home that it would be a great idea to drop in unannounced to our very dear friends Emily & Sheila.

Well, it was decision made well as we were welcomed into her home with open arms – As always – and what was intended as s short drop in to say hello ended up being a wonderful evening of catching up on the little things that true friends share with each other when they haven’t seen each other for a while.

Always seeing an opportunity to capture those fleeting and elusive moments of laughter and sheer magic that most experience but go by just too fast, Lance quickly took out his video camera and caught the energy that was literally guaranteed to make this evening a classic!

What follows is the down to earth unscripted and uncensored conversations between friends where they can let it all hang out and I must say in a comical way!

After viewing this video several times while editing it, I had to ask myself: Where are all of the “down to earth” people like Emmy & Sheila who once upon a time populated the earth in much greater numbers than the present time?

After hearing the wisdom, love and connectedness that was not scripted, one would have to agree that true friends like Emmy & Sheila are truly hard to come by indeed. When you find a great friend who is definitely one who will remain loyal to you yet always be truthful no matter what, you have to hold onto them because they are a rare breed indeed!

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Peace & Righteous Love Always,


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