The Realities That You Now Live Are Not Written In Stone!

The realities that we now live are not written in stone!

If you do not feel an overwhelming joy from within at the prospect of a brand new day then maybe it’s time for a change!

You were given free will and the ability to make the choices for change.

Reinvent yourself and forge forward into the be life of your choosing as long as absolutely no divine laws are broken.

You will find bliss on the other side and be glad that you made the move!

There is actually nothing in place that can stop you once your mind is made up to embrace your new life.

Once you can create the thought and believe in it, it shall be done!

Key To Victory

But I have to also say that in most of the cases there will be some degree of struggle as nothing good is simply handed to you on a silver platter.

But before the struggle you must have a blueprint and before you have that blueprint you must have an overwhelming desire to see what you’ve been missing out on in life.

This is where most people get their desires and plans smashed.

In that dream/desire phase of our moving into our new reality is where it is the most vulnerable and most often destroyed.

How is it smashed?

Our desires are obliterated because we’ve allowed others to blow out those flames long before they could spread and grow into an unstoppable force of positivity.

Nothing Is Written In Stone

This is why we have to watch those who we allow not only into our private space, but also those who we allow to see the inner workings of our minds.

I must also add that this is an even more dangerous aspect of your personal dream building in this day and age because while you must be careful of who you allow in your personal space, you have to be careful who you communicate with in cyberspace.

Don’t think that a friendly conversation with someone to whom you may never meet in the physical is a safe entity to share your innermost desires for change because they can be just as detrimental to you advancing in the lifestyle that you desire.

Physical proximity does not measure the strength of the mental influence that an entity has on your mind.

So in the desire/dream stage of your new reality pursuit, you must do an extensive mental, physical and spiritual house cleaning that will keep your thoughts pure and at full strength to enable you to truly go after what you want.

Example, how many ladies here have gone clothes shopping with a friend who simply had an entirely different set of tastes and ultimately influenced you to make a purchase of an article of clothing that was so far off of what you originally planned to buy?


This is how it works in every aspect of your life and if you are spending time with others who simply want to “clan up” and never go beyond the boundaries of their narrow group mentality, then you will never go beyond their influence to be an individual to the highest degree.

Many people think that they are independent in their thoughts but very few are because of that unseen connection to a person, place or thing.

Even if you do not plan a major relocation or a so called drastic change in the many facets of your life it will always be beneficial to be your own woman or man when it is time to choose from the menu or buffet in the restaurant of life.

…….at the end of the day it will be you and you alone who has to wear those great looking “too tight” shoes that someone influenced you to buy for the function this weekend as they don’t have to feel the pain with every step except you.

The bottom line: Do what benefits you in the long run and you will never go wrong if you always follow what your spirit informs you to do.

But know that there are countless realities out there to immerse yourself into and enjoy and they are all out there for you to sample as long as you believe in them beyond what your reality may be in the present.

Do not allow a negative Mother to project and impose the toxicities from her past failures onto your clean fresh slate of a life nor should you accept them into your psyche simply because she is your Mother.

This goes for Fathers, siblings, friends, neighbors, coworkers and even PASTORS!

People can be funny about your progress no matter WHAT the title they hold or what positioning they may have in your life. Don’t be fooled by the covering to know who they truly are as you must allow their energy to show them up for WHAT they truly are!

You cannot go higher to that flourishing life if you’ve got the muck of someone elses negativity on your wings!


So incubate that dream from within and protect it like a Mother protects her womb in the nine months that she carries her child. Your dreams are precious and actually an essential part of you getting to the next level of making a blueprint of where you see yourself in your new life.

…….it’s nobodies business except you and your Creator!

Heck! Sometimes we can be attached to a husband or wife that doesn’t need to know what your positive plans are because they can are in the best position to become that dream killer! Not that they will be but they may not understand at the time what you are giving birth to that will ultimately benefit them!

Why? Because THEY may be connected to negative friends and family who won’t feel to good about breaking the cycle of their own toxic rhythms if you change up what they’ve come to expect of you.

They might have been sitting on you and your dreams all these years and when you decide NOT to be that chair anymore for them to pull yourself away, they will fall to the ground and curse you for taking your life into your own hands and they will have to find someone else to sit on!

This is another reason why your dreams must be a covert mission because you will sometimes or rather oftentimes have to cut many ties -seen and unseen – simply to free yourself up to be free to consider what others may have deemed as the impossible.


So once again, just like I stated in the second line of this writing: “If you do not feel an overwhelming joy from within at the prospect of a brand new day then maybe it’s time for a change!” So clean up and clean out everything in your life before moving forward to your new reality, to neglect doing so is often the reason why we stay stuck in the sorry life that we hate to wake up everyday.

You were born alone and must transition alone so everything in between as far as the choices that we make we must face the consequences alone! Understand that and KNOW that you are FREE!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Always Positive Brother,



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