What Stops Us From Having Any Clarity In Our Life’s Purpose?

I truly had an exhilarating weekend these past few days and what made it so special to me was that I moved about on an entirely different zone that I’ve ever experienced before in my life with such an amazing intensity!

I’ve caught glimpses of this level of existence but never before have I ever felt this way and the clarity of purpose that came over me was so mind blowing.

While on a break from doing my gardening, I watched the fire ants underfoot go about their business of cultivating their nest and working in unison for a higher cause.

Fire Ants

As they worked I couldn’t help but notice how totally selfless these relentlessly determined microscopic warriors were in the pursuit of their individual and collective goals.

I thought to myself how we as humans carry around the burdensome load of ego, negative emotions and the illusion of importance that clogs our ability to be in tune with the world around us.

While knowledge is a good thing, imagine how wonderful each day would be if we were void of these accumulated false ego standards that we never knew of until after being tainted with them in our earthly interactions with others.

False Ego

So right there in my secluded yard I had a life changing moment that would make it impossible to ever go back to my old way of living.

If you’ve ever absorbed any of my other expressions you might recall me saying that for every lesson learned on a spiritual level there is a parallel example of that lesson in the physical realm.

It’s that simple. This world as it was created is in a perfect order, it is man with his “great thinking” – and I say that sarcastically – that has thrown that perfect order into a state of confusion.

That being said, I truly believe that our accumulated ego standards have poisoned us beyond measure. We have become so full of ourselves that we have ruined our own abilities to enjoy a full and wholesome life as God intended.


We carry these unseen barriers around with us our entire lives and never realize how little of the life that we are in that we truly just don’t enjoy.

In the physical death, so many answers come to us as to why we may have passed on abruptly when our remains go through the process of an autopsy.

Only then do those who perform this procedure can see how much bad food had accumulated in our swollen guts to cause us the health issues that took us out of here.

Beer Belly

In hindsight, those who completed the procedure could only assume that the deceased would have still been alive if only they had taken the time to eat a little better to avoid the accumulated issues that would ultimately result in their passing.

What’s the ultimate spiritual lesson in all of this?

Well, if we rid ourselves of the envy, the hate, the perceived statuses, the power trips, the delusional lives that we live and the competitive ways we possess for trivial matters, then we would not have these spiritual toxicities that actually kill us off early making us the real live examples of the walking dead.

Michael Jackson THRILLER 2

We enter new experiences with our old crusty ways and the interactions with others usually end up the same old predictable way as they have in the seemingly unrelated interactions and relationships of our distant and recent past.

We end up having the same confrontations on one job to the next and believe that it is always the fault of management.

We seem to attract the same abusive mates into our lives and will lie to ourselves and say that there are no good people left in the world to connect with.


We will say that most of the people around us are close minded when in fact it is us who refuse to come of of our toxic rhythms.

The reason why these interactions with others in our world are so predictable is because the problem lies within US!

We need to clean out the stench and waste matter of our constipated spiritual beings!

Clarity Graphic

We need to see the error of our ways in how we bring our old repackaged dusty crap to the new experiences that were supposed to enhance us instead of resulting in yet another interaction gone bad.

We need to see how futile it is to hang on to our nonproductive way of viewing the world around us and how short of a time that we have to get it all together.

Hanging Off Cliff

We will never embrace the full clarity of our purpose in this world as long as we keep on executing the same nonproductive ways that get us absolutely nowhere!

And for those of us who have actually come into this higher level of understanding, we’ve got to accept that everyone won’t arrive to that level and look past their attacks on us no matter how subtle because remaining in that space is definitely an uncomfortable doomed place to be.

We must embrace the fact that they are in great pain and discomfort because before having our eyes opened we were in that space once also.

Do remember that when you are free of what ails most people on a spiritual level, you will be poked, probed, tested and even attacked. Why? Because your movements are now  different and those who are in suffering in their darkness can see your light.

Dark Depression

They will react in one of two ways because of this. They will come at you with all pistons firing in attack mode because your very new found existence shines a light on them that causes them to see who and what they really are!

They will come at you to remind you of the recent times that you were just like them in order to bring you right back into their circle of negativity and thwart your desire for spiritual uplifting after hoping to break your covenant of change.

On the other hand they just might become inspired by your ascension into higher thought and attempt to emulate you for the better which in itself is a good thing.

But all I know is that after spending that time this past weekend alone in the yard quietly with my Wife has changed my outlook on so many things that I used to see differently and that there are just so many people, places and things that simply don’t intrigued me anymore.


Once you’ve tasted freedom from these trivial and insignificant practices, you simply never want to return.

Let us all take a look at what we are inside and shed those loads in order to see the real beauty of life!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Soon To Be “Completely Off The Grid” Brother,



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