Reflections On The Principals Of Life! – Brother Keston & Bushman Tim

Brother Keston speaks with Three Masks Inc. owner Bushman Tim in Orlando Florida on several principals and perspectives of life that have preserved and elevated their quality of life.

Progressive conversations such as these between Black men are such a gift to behold and need to be heard and absorbed more than the decadent low vibration buffoonery that the Jewish Impostor controlled so called mainstream media delights in pushing to our subconscious minds via television, computer and smartphone devices that most would rather hold on to tight more so than a physical book that could teach us something without the distractions.

If you are really honest about the reality of how Black Men relate to each other and how it is presented to the rest of the world, it appears as though Black Men showing righteous love and respect for one another is some type of code violation in the mainstream media as opposed to how readily they are to push us as the face of the effeminate male population and/or criminals. This is a fact that cannot be denied and if you observe this imbalanced attempts at mind control deeper, you will know this to be true as it is all by design.

The next time you see our Brothers getting along in such a beautiful edifying manner in the spirit and mentality of these community building conversations, please ask if they would be so kind to allow you to share the dialogue and high vibration so that we can combat the negative imagery that our enemy wants to us to smear our characters to the world so that a false narrative of us is perpetuated to keep us from being embraced by others on the planet.

Reflections On The Principles Of Life! - Brother Keston & Bushman Tim

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