The Black Church and the religion passed down on us does nothing to bring forth a potent form of Black manhood and it is not by chance as it’s by design! If you truly open your eyes as to what is happening in the very place that is supposed to cultivate us to full strength in our nature, you will find a place that ignores the needs of our young Black men and actually quells any hint of a strong manhood that would overthrow the very oppressors who they do not know is that devil that they are supposed to be in war with!

Our Sisters have a very limited amount of desirable men for them to connect with and even still they do not know who is on the down low or not. The Black Church is obviously afraid to speak out on the mental condition called homosexuality because the pastors know that deep down that they will not retain the membership rolls that they enjoy now because half of the men there are most likely brushing their teeth with another church members penis! Please share your perspectives in the comment section below and thank you for spending your valuable time here with us! It is much appreciated!

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