The state of the planet is in jeopardy because of the egos and corporate interests of these twisted power hungry so called leaders that the majority of the masses have submitted to without knowing that they do not give a damn about them.

This also goes for these self appointed religious leaders who are only money and power hungry and will do just about anything to keep their blind flock to continue to fund their lavish lifestyles by the never ending fleecing of their pockets. Sister Tattie and LilyFiyah go deep into the topic of how religion and politics are the favorite poison of Black people.

The Black community worldwide are perpetually kept at the bottom rung of society’s hierarchy by design in an engineered fashion and are so beat down that they do not feel as though they are the masters of their own destiny and must place their faith in a politician or preacher to be blessed with a better life.

So the hustle of us never stops as we wait for a caucasian to bust through the clouds to turn our lives around in a drastic manner in order to place us on top. So get your seat belts buckled for this show that won’t hold back and please leave your responses in the comment area below and go deep!

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