Brother Michael Hamer is a very passionate Brother who speaks not only from the heart but from a mind filled from the countless hours of research. When you combine that with his event filled decades on this planet as a conscious Black man you must know that he will bring the righteous heat each and every time that he blesses the microphone with his essence.

In the episode of The LanceScurv Show he is no less intense in his delivery as he makes his points clear and damn near undisputable. Of course as always he is concerned with the present state of the Black Family and our roles therein as well unshackling the minds of our people from the mind controlling mechanism called Religion. We had to cut this episode short due to an entities who decided to blast his “Christmas music” and “Fire and Brimstone” sermon as we began to get into go full swing with his teachings, but I promise that we will continue this with another episode in a less intrusive location! LOL!

Please share your perspectives and viewpoints on what our Brother Michael spoke on and let us continue the conversation in order to ascend into a higher consciousness. Thank you for thinking enough of us to spend your precious time here with us. Peace!

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Media Personality / President Of ScurvMedia LLC / International Social Media Influencer / Culture Critic / Podcast Host / Blogger / Cartoonist & Activist who focuses on the issues of raw human nature the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch! 

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