Remaining Humble Is The Best Weapon Against Your Insecure Aggressors!

I’ve learned over time that maintaining a humble demeanor guarantees a lot more peace in your life.

That’s not to say that one is not supposed to have an ego, because it’s not the having of a powerful ego is the problem, it’s not being able to maintain control over the amount of ego that you already do have.

We merely have to know when to allow the “Ego Lion” out of the cage as well as knowing when to choose our battles when an insecure aggressor seeks to see what you have under the hood of your humble exterior.

Angry Caged Lion

As an extremely competitive individual I thank God that my parents steered me in the right direction to focus my overwhelming amount of raw energy possessed in a very positive manner.

Well here I am in my early fifties and that raw energy seems to be in supply without an empty tank in sight and the never ending supply of insecure aggressors seem to be coming at an even faster rate.

…….and I thought that as I got older that certain things would simply stop. Little did I know.

I have to admit that as I’ve gotten older, the present world we live in makes it very hard to remain humble as there seems to be someone always there to try to take you out of your flow.

I do understand that to be humble while possessing the quality of extreme confidence is very rare and also a magnet to drawing people around you who want what you have.

Huge Blockage Graphic

It’s almost like the old television show from the 1970’s named “Kung – Fu”  (Anyone here remember that one?) where the humble student of the martial arts learned under an aging guru-like master not only the art of self defense, but the deeper laws of life that would help him to avoid having to use his fighting skills to get him out of a jam.

This is important, especially in the environment of today’s world where too many people who are locked into their particular disputes are so eager to elevate a situation beyond handling it in a civil and peaceful manner.

Blessed be the peacemaker?

Yes, I guess those of us who may have a hidden resource of great power under our hoods will have to be the more mature individual in steering a situation toward the more peaceful place of resolution.

David Carradine in Kung Fu TV series

Just like the example of the good police officer who had an effective and successful career while never even having to ever pull out his weapon, he/she used their verbal skills to influence one who may have gotten out of control to force that officer to use their gun to stop that situation from getting out of control.

But because that cop was humble and understood what could potentially happen in the volatile scenario, he/she endured the putdowns and profanity laced language aimed toward them as a lure to cause them to lose control and make an unwise decision.

A person who may have thought too much of themselves probably would have lost their cool to allow themselves to have been manipulated into doing something to lose their job.


At this point in my life, where once I would have stood my ground to argue with every insecure ignorant loud confrontation idiot, I simply avoid them so they can suck the juices of their own venom to themselves. No one is worth you taking yourself out of your peaceful zone and leaving you just as confused as them. Keeping your life in perspective and continually understanding that you are a very small part of God’s creation is enough to keep you off of riding that potential high horse of egomania.

Pick your battles if you have to go that route and make sure that in the end it was an indulgence that brought you to a higher level in your personal life. Understand that in every potential confrontation is the possibility that you will lose a measure of status so be very careful in moving forward blindly at every aggression thrown your way.

One of the best keys to maintaining your equilibrium in the face of aggression is to remain humble in the way you see yourself in life. By this I don’t mean that you have to bask in the juices of low self esteem, being humble and quietly confident is extremely healthy while the state of low self esteem is destructive.

Arrogance is a burden to the spirit and is a huge blockage that won’t allow God’s power to flow through your being. Keep yourself out of the way of God’s power and allow it to course through your being to ensure your victory in His name and NOT yours. If there ever was a divine secret then you just read it right now.

Woman Driving

Ask anyone who drives either a luxury vehicle or even better yet a high performance sports car, they receive far different treatment on the road than the regular working class blue collar person who drives a low budget economy thrift box on wheels. Because of the flashy exterior and the reputation for power and speed in that head turning sports car, everybody with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove wants to challenge that envied driver to a street race!

Now if that sports car driver is humble in his demeanor and confident about what his car can do, he will brush it off as an indirect compliment. But if he knew nothing about the art of being humble he may have been tempted to engage that old jalopy and its insecure driver to potentially wrap himself around a telephone pole if he were to be so foolish!

What a waste of time and life!

When I look back over my life I’ve come to understand that while my life force is boundless, the time that I have to execute it is limited. That being said, with a limited budget of energy to spend in ones life it’s truly a waste to spend it on the toxic individuals who are high on themselves outwardly but extremely insecure within themselves.

Save yourself and the aggravation by projecting humbleness in all you do so that you mask the real power within and avoid the ego driven challenges and confrontations by that insecure aggressor.

Life is just too short to jump through the hoops of someone else’s insecurities, stay humble to enjoy every delicious morsel as it was intended by your Creator!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Humble Brother,








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