Republican House Negro Herman Cain: “I Don’t Believe Racism In This Country Today Holds Anybody Back In A Big Way”

“I Don’t Believe Racism In This Country Today Holds Anybody Back In A Big Way” – Herman Cain in a recent CNN interview.

After all we have been through on these shores could you believe a Black man said this in the year 2011 in the United Snakes Of Amerikkka?

If racism for Blacks do not exist then antisemitism for Jews don’t either! Just because this one Negro slipped off of the plantation doesn’t mean that all were able to do the same thing too! It’s no excuse for failing but to point to ONE PERSON’S SUCCESS is no reason to use a “one size fits all” assessment for an entire race of people! Here we go again with the creation of an engineered so called leader who the Republicans endorse to neutralize any advantages that they feel that President Barack Obama has in the upcoming presidential elections next year.

Now I am not hating on a man who obviously has the credentials to lead especially with his vast knowledge of economics. But after his ridiculous statements on his recent CNN interview about racism he will only be a nightmare to the very community that many will infer he represents. Black skin does not qualify you to understand the plight of those who happen to be Black and also downtrodden. Herman Cain reminds me of that Black police officer who will beat down an innocent Black kid faster than his racist white partners to prove he is “one of them” and to seek some sense of camaraderie with. But what Herman Cain doesn’t understand that even with all of his very much real, admirable and confirmed accomplishments that he is nothing more than a tool for the bigger agenda of the Republican Party.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

It’s just a shame that he doesn’t see it.

Herman Cain is the type of individual that when faced with an obviously racist situation will try his damn best to look at it in every other light than what it really is. He would also never admit that it does exist, of course not, that would distance him from the very people that he seeks to kiss up to!

But if this country has anti-discrimination laws then would he say that those laws are an imaginary thing set in place for an imaginary condition? NO! They are there because racism is REAL! Let him slip up in the role and the script that he is supposed to “play” and he will find out on a grand scale very soon!

But imagine for a quick moment that the words “President Herman Cain” were to become a reality, imagine what that would represent to a Black community that is doing worse than the suffering so called mainstream of America who feel as though they are on their last leg?

The conservative Republicans would use the example of Herman Cain to shut down any effort to speak out on a racist society yet they don’t have an answer for you when you bring up how nasty then Senator Barack Obama was treated, threatened and blasphemed as he ran his SUCCESSFUL bid for the Presidency of the United States of America.

Mr. Cain would be that overzealous Black Cop flexing his muscles on the backside of Black youth to the delight of his fellow White officers. That way no one can say that it is racism because all of the surface moves were executed by a Black man and therefore letting those who really pull the strings off of the hook.

Pretty clever indeed! But whatever happened to Michael Steele? Maybe ol’ Herman needs to sit down and have a chat with him?

I can already see that Mitt Romney ain’t gonna cut it and neither is Rick Perry. It’s not about the issues that this country is facing, it’s about GETTING OBAMA OUT OF THERE!

These are the same Republicans who never said a word when then President George Bush gave out that 700 billion dollar bailout to “restore confidence in the market” before leaving office. I guess it was comparable to that last credit card financed shopping spree at the mall right after you found that you just got laid off.

You knew that there was just no way that you would be able to pay it back but who cares about tomorrow when you can party your butt of today?

Yet President Obama walks right in to office and is blamed as the one who ran up the bill. What selective memories these right wingers have! But I am going to say it right now: Herman Cain is NOT the Barack Obama “antidote” and will fail on so many other fronts if he were to be elected to the presidency.

Actually, he seems as though he may be on to something with his economic program for the country although I admit that I have not had the time to delve a bit more into it to see what it is all about completely. But what I am leery of with this man is that if he can brazenly state the things that he has in the “denial of racism department” as well as having a non committal history and track record in the civil rights movement then he will merely be the puppet that they are looking for.

A front man.

A Trojan horse.

A tap dancin’ “Minstrelized Negro” who will do and say anything to please his master because you can’t tell me that as Black as his ass is that he didn’t go through severe bouts of racism and for him to deny THAT is a sickness indeed!

But it’s a sickness that lets White who are delusional about their blood stained history in this country off the hook as far as accountability is concerned. You know how they do: “I never did anything to you Blacks, I never enslaved you people (Or to say it phonetically pee-PULL) !” Yet they never refused the advantages of what was gained in blood and murder and will never acknowledge that they are the present beneficiaries of what was done to us in our past.

So I guess I should go out and rob a bank for millions then give it all to my children, you can’t say that THEY are guilty of robbing the bank as they go on unlimited shopping sprees with that stolen stolen money! LOL! See the point? It’s still stolen goods! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that the President of the United States no matter WHO it is will NOT be able to focus on the issues of the Black community 100%. I am not asking for that. But damn! If President Barack Obama never mentioned directly (And I mean without the use of code words!) the overwhelming concerns of the Black community and the Republicans STILL hate him so much then what would Herman Cain do when in office when he addresses that same plight as though it does not exist? I guess Martin Luther King and the hundreds of thousands/millions of marchers and supporters marched, got attacked and thrown in jail because they were merely “imagining things!”

Vote for that brilliant book smart “fool” and watch what happens to the concerns of the Black community down the line. He would be literally worse than any outright dyed in the wool racist anti Black politician that you could find this side of Mississippi! Don’t forget that Black cop analogy now!

Now to be fair on the other side there is work for us to complete in our own community. What do I mean? Look at the out of wedlock births, the high school dropout rates, the felony convictions disproportionate Black prison population that seem to be commonplace with us. Sure it is a very complex situation because there are many unfair drug laws that are hanging over our heads but if we lived a pristine life of high morals more than half of the crap that we as Black people get into wouldn’t exist! so don’t read the first part of the article and label me as someone who doesn’t see both sides.

And if the truth be told I feel that many of us do cry racism as a convenient excuse for not trying hard enough. It is there and from what I see will always be there but you don’t give up trying to go to that friend’s cookout that you were invited to because you feel that you might get a mosquito bite! Yes, the bugs will be there but don’t let it stop you from enjoying yourself!

I deal with racist situations every single day of my life, whether it be in my personal life living here in this place called Orlando or with the people to whom I cross paths with on my job. But I’ll be damned if any of it will stop me from taking my best shot at life or ever allowing the specter of racism that hangs over our heads everyday of our lives to stop me from shining and being the brilliant productive man that God put me on this earth to be!

But the difference between Lance Scurvin and Herman Cain is that when as I do ascend to to a measure of what the world may deem (I’m already there but I keep my mouth shut and enjoy it under the governments radar! LOL!) success that I would never throw off and deny a condition that exists and is as real today as it was in any point of a well documented satanic history that this country is in denial about.

I don’t know about anyone else but I would rather die on my feet than leave out of here working on my knees…….meaning that while I would do anything decent and righteous to earn money, I am going to always receive the respect that I deserve and will not accept anything less! I will always stand as a man and shine brilliantly in never denying my Brothers and Sisters the truth no matter how high I climb! Herman Cain, you are an insensitive jackass who will soon get your wake up call.

…….and when you do, please do NOT cry racism.

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Dink Kearney
Dink Kearney
April 5, 2015 5:00 PM

Good article my brother!! Nothing but the truth!!

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