Responsibility, Resentment & GAMES! – Queen Kimberly Santana on The LanceScurv Show


Queen Kimberly Santana speaks with LanceScurv and shares her wealth of relationship perspectives in yet another very compelling conversation that focuses on the games that men play by sidestepping their responsibilities which in turn causes a great deal of resentment in their mate.

It’s easy to label a woman as crazy to those unknowing friends in ones inner circle when they don’t know that the resentment that they feel is legitimate because of his refusing to be a real man and take care of his family.

Do enjoy this deep rich conversation and know that we hope that someone gets something out of it to improve their perspectives and situation.

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  1. Vontonio Johns

    I can’t remember if it was THIS video or the other one but you’re right
    about construction sites being a playground for white boys with no life who
    want to use their time to play games with the brothers. I don’t pay these
    little boys any mind. Not only are they about to be replaced by robots on
    various jobs but their population is in trouble, their birthrates are low,
    their population much older, floods, disasters and drought are impacting
    their property and the same plagues of drugs and disease that hit us in the
    80’s are beginning to reek havoc on them now. Not saying that I’m happy
    about seeing other people suffer (cause I’m Black and civilized) but it it
    what it is and will be.

  2. Vontonio Johns

    “A woman always needs help.” That’s some great advice that I will
    definitely keep in mind when I finally decide to start looking for a wife.


  3. Vontonio Johns

    There is a third group of men on these construction sites: guys who are
    anxious to be off so they can dive face-first into drugs and alcohol.

  4. nshimbrice

    western societies *go out of their way* to promote a culture where lying
    (to others and yourself) and taking advantage of people is as normal as
    breathing .. it takes a strong mind and a righteous heart to aspire to
    standing for truth


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