Rich Mother Poor Mother, It’s ALL One And The Same!

Dianne Reeves – Never Too Far From Home

Let’s get one thing straight right off of the bat, let NO ONE no matter who it is make you feel as though your humble beginnings as a Mother makes you any less than the next woman!

Humble beginnings?

Well, this may not pertain to everyone but I am willing to bet that it does hit home with a lot more people than many of us will ever know! 

Whether you are an older mature mother who was married in a picture perfect wedding in a church with a huge turnout of family and friends before you even had children or if you are a mother addicted to crack turning tricks on the street unprotected and really do not have an idea of who the father of your child may be.

Or maybe you may find yourself in a space in between, maybe you’ve come out of a situation that was horrible and a personal hell to realize that you made it through with Gods protective hand over your life, no matter WERE you find your “blip” on life’s radar screen as a mother, the divine position of MOTHER must be respected regardless of the circumstances surrounding it!

For those who STILL refuse to understand what I am saying, let’s break it down even further, a woman is NO LESS of a Mother if she got pregnant in the back seat of a car on the first date with a dude that she never saw ever again than the Mother who consummated her reproductive festivities under the protection of a sacred marriage.

Different roads to the same place but know that no matter HOW one gets there that once you find yourself there it’s NO TURNING BACK!

Isn’t that something?

Isn’t that deep?

Let’s dig even more……..

On a spiritual/emotional/mental level, your connection to your child as a Mother can NEVER be destroyed!

It transcends time and space!

And I don’t care what anyone says I do know that there are some neglectful Mothers, I know that there are a whole lot of irresponsible mothers and even more so plenty of Mothers that don’t seem to care…….

In this world of strong street corner pharmaceutical substances, imbalanced morphed emotional arrangements that leech the human spirit of all that appears normal, DEEP DOWN even those who are the victims of this twisted world’s social conundrums are STILL Mothers if you dig deep below the rubbish of dysfunction that this transgression filled world has dumped upon their damaged psyches!

That being said, the true connection is there regardless and a Mothers pain cuts deep no matter who you are or WHAT tax bracket you may find yourself in.

What of the Mother who has a young woman or man in the armed forces and gets that dreaded knock on the door realizing it cannot be good news when she sees two military officers there to visit to her to tell her what she already has figured out in that split second?

Her tears will be just as authentic from the loss of her child many years from now as they were when they broke the bad news to her right after she opened that door.




Her tears are just as real as the poor working Mother who after work came home to see here apartment complex packed wall to wall with police officers and her own door swinging wide open with police barricades everywhere…….now she knows why she didn’t get her daily routine call from her son who was rumored to be hanging out late with the wrong crowd. 

Their is no difference between the tears of a mother of a  soldier as opposed to the tears of a mother of a so called thug.

A mothers love is unconditional.




A mothers loves appears at times to be somewhat foolish.
She is the last one to give up hope on her child just as she was the first to see that sparkle in their eye. And even when that sparkle has appeared to have vanished forever, seemingly never to return, that mother “knows” her babies “light” will soon return no matter how many battles they have had to endure in this life.
All in all, long after the umbilical cord has been severed, the unseen connection remains, although very much undetected to the human eye. This is the way it was intended by the Creator, it’s a beautiful thing that crosses over all cultural, racial and geographical differences. And as one spends enough time on this planet they will begin to understand that a mother is mother is a mother…….

No matter the path one takes to get to that divine positioning, it is all and one the same!

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