Rid Yourself Of The Computer Viruses In Your Life That Will Slow Down Your Efforts Towards Success!

In this battle that we call life, we have to learn how to stop making it so easy for our detractors to thwart our positive plans for our life.

Oftentimes we wonder how is it that someone got in our way and infiltrated the execution of our ambitious blueprints for success each and every time we try to take our efforts to the next level.

The that the negative energies accomplish this is because WE TELL THEM OUR PLANS!


We do it to ourselves 90% of the time!

I wanted to elaborate on this a bit deeper because we spoke on this very thing on our Open Discussion Show # 7 last night but I cut it short because I wanted to give others a chance to speak as this is something that I feel strongly about.

As many of you well know, I accomplish plenty with the very limited amount of time that I have as well as developing other creative concepts on the back-burner, I have to say that the only reason that I can do this is because I have a great crew surrounding me that knows what the goals are and are steadfast in making them happen. No man is an island and the whole “LanceScurv” thing is not just about me.

LanceScurv Graphics

Mia, Joe Neckbone, D-Luv, Dan Abia, Evie and the entire inner circle around me let me know when I am off of the mark and correct me when necessary. This in turn allows me to focus on the creations and expressions at hand that my crew might not always agree with but because they possess the character that they have they are man or woman enough to tell me yet still support me in all that God allows to flow through me! Now THAT’S a heck of blessing of a crew!

Having them in my corner helps me to “see” so far beyond what I could naturally on the horizon and props me up in a special way to do greater things so my praise, honor and appreciation goes out to them on a constant basis!

That being said, always watch those who push up on you as though you should accept them with no validation of who they are whatsoever! People like these have an agenda and don’t have a whole lot of time to execute what they came to for in the first place.

Watch them.

Watch their movements.

Why? Because they are watching you for the most opportune time to throw a monkey wrench in your plans. When you notice this type of entity in your midst and you have a feeling about them, alert your trusted inner circle about them so that they can be watched from multiple perspectives more so than you could do naturally.

It may seem by others that you are paranoid but you must ignore them because they are not in your position and may not be the target that you are in your designated position and area of expertise. Paranoid? Just tell them that they are merely “unaware!”

This life is definitely a chess match indeed…….

Chess Match

…….let me ask you – Is the President of The United States paranoid for having the Secret Service around him and his family 24 hours per day? NO! He KNOWS the level of threats that are very much alive in his world because of the position that he holds and those who do not want him there!

So while you and I might not have the high worldly positioning of being the President or some other world leader, understand that we are the leaders of our lives and there are many who are affected by what we do day to day and we have to ensure that those operations run smoothly without fail and void of interruption. Your mission depends on this greatly and you should take my words seriously no matter how “high” or “low” you may feel your positioning in this life is. God made you and you have a divine purpose in His creation whether you can understand this or can grasp the concept or not.

So once you come into the knowledge of your unique strategic positioning in the overall scheme of this world and your life, you will understand the need to protect it as you will come under some kind of attack.

Understand that when I say “attack”, I don’t mean that someone is going to approach you in the street with a ski mask and pull out a baseball bat and start to swinging on you from out of nowhere, what I mean is that you will have those who will hover around you in an innocent manner and become that slow and undetectable energy leak that ruins your plans in the long run!

Secret Service

These are the worst and these are the entities that you must rid yourself of once discovered!

But in the meantime, you cannot waste precious energy “looking” for something that at the time might not be there, but always “tithe” a little bit of your energy to keeping your feelers out there in the space around you so that if anything is coming your way in an unwholesome manner then you will be braced to deal with it immediately and effectively.

The goal in your life is to NOT miss a beat with the mission that God has given you over your life by wasting the time in a useless battle!

So back to my original point, we have got to stop telling our enemy what we intend to do in our plans and in our life!

I don’t care if no one is around, do NOT speak out loud what you intend to accomplish! Speak it in your mind only! Words have a life of their own and when you share them out excessively they will get into the wrong hands and you will be met with an obstacle on the very road that you stated that you intended to travel down!

The ONLY time that you speak your intentions out loud is to your GOD! He will ensure that your communications to Him if righteous will be protected like the secure communications of a military phone transmission.

Your life and goals are classified and contain important information that is to NOT get into the hands of anyone who can use it against you!

You don’t see a Football team while in a huddle to agree on what strategic play that they are collaborating on invite the other team to listen in on it no do you? That would be on the level of SUICIDE to do such a foolish thing!

So why do we get sucked in to the tried and true tactic of being lured in to a bragging ritual when someone else speaks of their grand plans to accomplish something in the near future which most of the time is hot air, they are only throwing this stuff out into the atmosphere in order to “bait” you into revealing what it is that you intend to do and we fall for it every time because of that one thing that always gets us in trouble: EGO!

Learn to sit back and keep your mouth shut sometimes. Learn to lay back and observe those who are not in your trusted proven validated inner circle and watch their movements. Know that everyone “moves” differently so just because you have been victorious in the past in “cleaning house” doesn’t mean that those same tactics will work on the next infiltrator of your life.

People can be very much like viruses, once defeated by a drug that had its number, it can and will come back in a mutated form that the previous medication couldn’t handle. This means that when people can change up and come at you in a different manner in order to slow down or stop your mission toward success.

This is why when Malcolm X was a burglar in the rich White neighborhoods, he wouldn’t go to these peoples houses in the daytime to ask to use the restroom, they would NEVER allow that! He had two fashionably dressed gorgeous well spoken pristine and cultured White women infiltrate those same very affluent homes merely to see what was in them so that Malcolm and his crew of thieves could return at a later date to clean them out because he knew beforehand what the weak spots were and how to utilize his time efficiently in a place that he never occupied before.

So while it is recommended that one keeps their mouth shut, it is also imperative that you do NOT reveal to the world through your actions what your weaknesses are because a keen, observant and shrewd enemy can pick up on this and use it against you!

Your weakness might not be another persons weakness and you might think that no one knows what it is but understand that if I am dedicated to bringing you down than it won’t take long for me to figure out what your “thing” is that is there for me to exploit!

Men, if your enemy sees you coming out of the topless titty bar late in the night after every time that you get paid, then they know your weakness might not be food and going to the buffet to stuff your face! They could get to your inner thoughts by setting you up putting a sexy scantily clad woman in your path and waiting for you to bite the bait! They might wait for you to go to the supermarket really late by yourself and have a woman outside seemingly helpless in trying to figure out how to change a “flat” tire as you come out and see some of the most juiciest breast cleavage better than you ever saw at the titty bar! Now you are a dead duck, it’s just a matter of time…….

Women! If your enemy sees you at the shopping mall every weekend spending up money above and beyond your salary or earnings then they know the best way to get to you is too take you out shopping and spend a little on you and it will be a matter of time before you are telling them every intimate detail of your secret lives!

So as you can see, it is not just what you speak out into the universe that reveals your intentions but your movements do and this is why we must always be aware of our broadcasted rhythms as someone is always watching.

It is divine law that satan cannot hear your thoughts, only God can do that. But understand that negativity will utilize every resource that they can get their hands on in order to string together the data that we give out to the world so freely about what our next move will be.

Don’t put your “entire” life “ON AIR” for the whole world to see!

Don’t lose your edge and incorporate these previously stated mindsets of awareness into your daily routine and it will safeguard you by placing an extra level of protection from the firewall that they surround you with in your progressive path.

There is nothing like being halted from reaching your goals but it is even worse to be slowed down and not even know it. Rid yourself of the toxic spyware entities in your life that only want to see you fail. Victory is guaranteed to be yours if you persist but understand that there are forces who are assigned to you that will work just as hard to keep you from enjoying that success.

Don’t make it any easier for them no matter who they are!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,


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