The Righteous Shred Of Important Evidence In The Overlooked Crime Scene That Has Been Your Life!

You are a very important person and you should never forget this!

You were born unique into this world and there isn’t anyone who has ever possessed your qualities and even if they did they do NOT occupy your particular space at this particular time.


What does this mean? It means that no one could ever do what you have the potential to do because they do not have your unique perspective on life as you do.

Our lives are like a credit with no spending limits yet we move about the earth in a very limited way not knowing that we have free reign to enjoy the full range of shopping spree experiences to be put on a bill that our Creator will always pay in full!

Isn’t that a wonderful thing? It sure is! But why do so many of us lack the excitement when it comes to delving deep into a life that for the most part has so many levels to it that we couldn’t possibly explore them all in one natural lifetime?

AMEX Black Card

It’s because we feel that our existence doesn’t count. We feel like our presence could never make a difference to the world around us, how sad, because it does. We often feel as though our lives are nothing more than a crime scene were nothing good has ever taken place.

Understand that if an unexpected event transpires with 20 witnesses seeing what happened you will have 20 different accounts of that incident where some part of the recollection will overlap with similarities yet their will be differences.

No one persons walk is exactly the same and you have to know that more so than any picture, newspaper, book or video, YOU are a walking talking living breathing account of all of the history that you have absorbed hands on in this life!

Isn’t that amazing? No matter how trivial you feel that your life has been it is important to life because there is no one who has lived who has walked in your path.

Walking The Sands Of Time

Think about it, some of the most fascinating and hard to crack court cases have been decided most often on what was considered a trivial shred of evidence. So with all that you’ve been through in your life, NEVER consider your life or perspectives to be nothing of interest because what we hold internally is more valuable than you can imagine.

Many years can go by without it seeming as though it’s worth anything but don’t be fooled, it’s worth much to someone or some situation out here.

I speak from experience, because my life at one point didn’t make any sense to me. What I mean is that each successive segment of my life didn’t seem to be connected to the previous part. Where others had a life that made some sense as each advancement looked logical in their family and career choices.

Mine? To me at the time it appeared to be something of an embarrassment (And oftentimes an absolute disgrace!) to share as my life was as mixed up as anyone’s.

Strange relationships, odd jobs, bad choices and just plain old misdirection made me feel as though my walk was off of it’s path but in actuality it was my wilderness experience that would GIVE me wisdom in places that even the most learned college educated lettered men couldn’t even begin to tread.

African Quilt

But over time, those strange pieces of useless rags that seemed to be my life would eventually be sewn together by the thread of maturity to become a beautiful quilt that many in the world now adore. I am now a completely matured man who possesses a mental Rolodex of of countless experiences and stories to tell that can shed light to the most darkest of situations.

I’m saying that to merely say this, that the worst times of despair in your life will be used one day to help someone else in that same situation who may not have had the perspective to see beyond it. You in fact are in a kind of a spiritual boot camp to prepare you for your own personal ministry when you feel that you are at the bottom rung of the later and a failure.

But understand that everything happens for a reason and it is not for any of us to understand completely what may be developing in our lives at the moment. But when the full order of divine revelation is revealed to you from within arrives, every good, bad and ugly experience that you’ve ever had will flood your senses to remind you that everything you’ve endured was the perfect training to get you through the rest of your life.

And when you have that “AHA” moment you will be overjoyed that the mystery that has been your life is finally unlocked from the vault of curiosity and doubt. You will know from within every fiber of your being that you ARE a very important person with credentials bestowed on you higher than what any college or university can grant because you earned yours the HARD way…….HANDS ON!

Understand that your ministry may not be to have your name up in brights lights or a billboard like some of these narcissistic Mega Pimp Preachers, but in the daily walk of what is placed in your path to make a difference in someones life in an even more effective manner than the pursuit of worldly gloss, glitter and household name recognition.

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As your archives of a once thought of useless life come together to help those who were once in your mental state of mind, you will thank God constantly for preserving you and giving you a new life built on the foundation of experiences that you once thought had no value.

Now you know the secret to the joy felt by many who have endured to become conquerors in the many obstacles that they’ve faced in their path to become what God wanted them to be as they were crafted so well by their personal challenges always under the watchful eye of a wise loving God who always had your back.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Well Seasoned Brother,



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