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Imagine sleeping peacefully at your home as a law abiding citizen who lives a clean drama free life and hearing your door being slammed on only to find that it’s the police who eventually shoot at you, arrest you, beat you down as you find yourself facing life in prison!

Well this is exactly what happened to David Barry Hanley in his unfortunate encounter with the Riverside County Sheriff Department!

We speak with his Sister Jennifer as she reveals the details of a very messy cover up of abuse and the crooked system that has broken the law to cover it up. This not only includes the police, but lawyers, judges and D.A’s!

This further reveals that corruption has infested a system that was intended to serve the people in a manner to bring justice but now only shows itself to be a paramilitary wing of what we now see as a Police State.

David Barry Hanley Crime Scene

Listen to this amazing and sad story and know that this will only become a more common occurrence across the New Order of the United States Of America.

Please go to the the website created by Jennifer to see the complete documentation and photos proving that everything she speaks on is the absolute TRUTH! —–> David Barry Hanley’s Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Tragedy

David Barry Hanley Bullet Wound

Time: Sunday, February 2,  2014 @ 5 p.m.. Eastern Standard Time

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