Robin Williams RIP: Days In Laughter, Nights In Depression

The sad news of Oscar winning Actor Robin Williams passing has been a shock to many, especially since he was a person who has given so much to his countless fans around the world in a career that seemed as though it had no bounds.

The reality that this could happen to someone who had shined a light so bright over the world with his comedic skills and acting ability has made this a time for deep reflection indeed.

While I hope that most would respect the wishes of his family and not turn this sad period into a circus of inappropriate inquiries into what actually happened in what the authorities have deemed a suicide, I would ask that we all reflect and reach out to those in our midst who may be suffering from depression.

But in the meantime I thank you Robin Williams for the dedicated life that you lived to bring a smile on the faces of those who may not have had a reason to do so!

RIP Robin Williams – We will never forget you!

Robin Williams

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