What Do Roe v. Wade & Celebrity Apprentice Have In Common? – Dr. Ramona Brockett

Dr. Ramona Brockett’s main focus in our discussion is Rowe v. Wade, the reinstatement of the woman’s womb and its continued impact on the lives of all women, especially black women, societies perceptions, our access to health care and the general quiet enjoyment of life.

Also, the Celebrity Apprentice Kenya vs. Brandy fight will be brilliantly tied into this topic because of the slanted perceptions that the media specializes in creating for the image of the Black woman and how this plays out into the real world making it difficult to take any Black woman serious regardless of her academic accomplishments, work ethic and pristine moral standards.

This is definitely a high end conversation jammed packed with the sweet pearls of wisdom that has become Dr. Brockett’s personal signature and brand.

I strongly suggest that you absorb these fact based truths and jot down everything that you want to discuss in future exchanges because this discussion will surely continue on as the developments in this area continue to evolve.

Please share your thoughts and perspectives in the comment area below and do know that your participation is encouraged and appeciated!

It was truly a pleasure as always to spend this valuable and edifying time with Dr. Brockett in discussion to experience her dynamic and cutting edge viewpoints.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



What Do Roe v. Wade & Celebrity Apprentice Have In Common? - Dr. Ramona Brockett

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