In a Star Studded line up lead by Sister Carrie Lux that is guaranteed to not disappoint, Minister Bliss, Sister Ella and the Rainbow Warrior Michael Hamer spoke on all of the concerns that we as a community should be focused on but are failing to acknowledge.

Will 2020 Be The Year Of Our Rude Awakening is a question that must be asked as the influencers of this system of oppression march forward like the Pied Piper of Death while we happily dance behind them straight to the pit of exploitation, oppression on the straight path to mental, spiritual and physical lock down!

This divine blending of powerful light beings could not have been planned any better as my phone began to ring and one by one I knew that it was my responsibility to righteously arrest this once in a lifetime opportunity to catch “lightning in a bottle!”

Well I’m proud to say that I have and I urge you all to take the time to listen to a powerful exchange of thought from such brilliant minds as we elevate beyond the propaganda of the brainwashed to show the world the thoughts of those who are not only critical thinkers but of those who readily take action!

Please share your perspectives in the comment area below and bless us with your thoughts on any part of what you heard here.

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