SADARIA DAVIS: The Organ Theft Killings Continue Amid Mainstream Media Silence! -The LanceScurv Show

Sadaria Davis is dead and the Mainstream so called Media is deathly afraid to speak about it apparently. I mean, they speak about everyone and everything else which leads me to believe that they know something about this beautiful young 15 year old’s death that they don’t want to share with the world!

Why do I think the Media doesn’t want to fan the flames of curiosity of the masses to take them away from the decadent reality television shows that actually numb the brain from our true realities? Well, it’s very simple, they know that there is a Organ Theft Ring operating here in America and beyond and it’s not anyone doing it who resembles these Black victims. Let me also throw in that I feel that Law Enforcement -“To Protect & Serve WHO?” – is involved in it as well as the Hospitals across the country. I believe that there is a sub culture of Organ Thieves who utilize our public and private hospital facilities right up under the nose of those who have a more ethical outlook on the profession that they chose to help those in medical need.

Do you think the wealthy and affluent are going to wait in line behind a multitude of poor Black people who have no health insurance whatsoever and no status in this world at all for a kidney, liver or heart? HA! If you think so then I have a bridge to sell you. And to cause your perceptions to be even blurred more I’ll also say that cannibalism is alive and well in the good ‘ol U.S. of A!

Guess who just might be that next meal?

We better stop trusting these devils and the entire system set up to put us at a disadvantage each and every time!

SADARIA DAVIS: The Organ Theft Killings Continue Amid Mainstream Media Silence! -The LanceScurv Show

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