SAE Racist Frat Boy Levi Pettit Only Apologized Because He Got Caught!

When I first watch the insincere paper thin apology from Levi Pettit, the notorious lead singer of the racist SAE (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) chant at the University Of Oklahoma – secretly caught on video and exposed to the world – I already knew that this was just another Donald Sterling-like attempt at using the Black Church as a tool for his career damage control and to proactively offset any other further investigations into how deep this really runs into the core of academia.

Here is a man who is smart enough to stand up and lead a racist impromptu choir in a song that anyone could tell was heartfelt by those performing to the bone, yet he couldn’t even speak a complete sentence in his apology without gazing down at his written script.

This was quite a display of a sincere apology indeed!

With ears that were “beet red”, this punk was exposed for what he was and now had to take the weight for all who sung along with him because at the end of the day, he wasn’t about to expose THEM nor was he ever going to reveal the origins of that racist song or how it came to be!

How quickly we forget how they ALL knew the words to it quite well!

So this was no apology at all and I say SHAME ON YOU Black Church for allowing yourself to be used once again as a Racist person’s damage control center like they don’t when they want to clean up their image without facing the person that they are from the inside!

Leave your opinions in the comment section below and let us continue this raw conversation the way we should!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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