SAE Racist Frat Boy Levi Pettit Only Apologized Because He Got Caught!

When I first watch the insincere paper thin apology from Levi Pettit, the notorious lead singer of the racist SAE (Sigma Alpha Epsilon) chant at the University Of Oklahoma – secretly caught on video and exposed to the world – I already knew that this was just another Donald Sterling-like attempt at using the Black Church as a tool for his career damage control and to proactively offset any other further investigations into how deep this really runs into the core of academia.

Here is a man who is smart enough to stand up and lead a racist impromptu choir in a song that anyone could tell was heartfelt by those performing to the bone, yet he couldn’t even speak a complete sentence in his apology without gazing down at his written script.

This was quite a display of a sincere apology indeed!

With ears that were “beet red”, this punk was exposed for what he was and now had to take the weight for all who sung along with him because at the end of the day, he wasn’t about to expose THEM nor was he ever going to reveal the origins of that racist song or how it came to be!

How quickly we forget how they ALL knew the words to it quite well!

So this was no apology at all and I say SHAME ON YOU Black Church for allowing yourself to be used once again as a Racist person’s damage control center like they don’t when they want to clean up their image without facing the person that they are from the inside!

Leave your opinions in the comment section below and let us continue this raw conversation the way we should!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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Levi Pettit Graphic

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  • Vontonio Johns says:

    Evil is as evil does. Why be surprised or even mildly upset about it? And as far as the Black Church goes, there are probably only a select few that they call on to “forgive” the racists. I believe that most of our churches, especially the Pentacostal ones and the not-so fancy ones aren’t going for that kinda bull.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    You mentioned something on another video about Black people liking to be seen. We can’t do something small and humble that has the potential to grow. We have to be big and fancy with everything even though we barely have a pot to piss in. I don’t know what Black people need to do, as they say, but I know that we would do well to dump this reality show mentality and grow our own one seed at a time. As long as we’re “bold” there’s nothing wrong with thinking small and being humble about it. If we can understand that then maybe more of us will work towards ownership.

  • John R says:

    So with thousands of whites being robbed, beaten, and attacked by blacks all the time, the big news is a few white college kids singing a racist song. Big Fricken Deal! When are you blacks going to apologize for all the violence you inflict upon whites? And are you going to tell me that no black person has ever said any racist things about white people? Guess what? News flash: We whites couldn’t care less what you nig..(cough) I mean blacks say in private among yourselves. Heck, just obey the law and stop having little chillen that you never support and we will be happy.

  • Ted Suave says:

    I live under a rock and I even know about it…

  • solreavir says:

    So basically “Look, we’re supreme! what the fuck you kids doing acting out like that on the bus? That shit was unnecessary just riling up Negroes like that. Now we have to calm em the fuck back down again. Leave that “Nigger” chanting to the rednecks jackass. How you gonna be supreme when you engage in this bullshit (you can think it) But don’t bloody say it! You forgot the goddamn rules? Now get out there with these Negroes we hired and apologize….I said apologize goddammit! with any luck some of em will buy it our media machine will do the rest. You fucking….unbelievable” (slams door)

  • Corey B says:

    Why do black people still worship a white god?? every other culture worship a God that looks like them, except black people. And are black Christian aware this religion was given to them by their white slave masters???? subconsciously black people see white people as God , because they worship a white god. Hmmm does this play a major role in the buck dancing and cooning black people have been doing for the last FIVE HUNDRED YEARS!! We don’t stick together as a group like every other races, we don’t have a code of conduct like every other race financially and economically we’re at the bottom. we’re at the bottom in everything. I believe there is a God but I sure as hell don’t worship a white one anymore. This white Jesus hasn’t done shit for black people in five hundred years!

  • YellowRoseOvTx says:

    Him and all them church folks can have a seat.

  • Maime Ricks says:

    I was thinking the same thing Lance. I just subscribed to your channel couple of weeks ago and I love your take on many of these topics. Why couldn’t he speak from the heart if he were sincere? I agree with you , he is only doing this so called apology because he got caught. This is something they feel , he is not a baby ,he knew exactly what he was doing. There are many many more Petits out there but just have not been caught.

  • Jss Pss says:

    I think I was more offended by the coons standing by him than his fake apology

  • Jersey2FL says:

    Nothing but the truth here.

  • 114208151414 31815311518 says:

    I’ve never done anything to a black .but most blacks not all bitch an complain about white man.but white women are fucking the black out of must be old as hell.because that’s old news.catch up mama.blacks are making good.just not helping the lower echelon .raise up .stop blaming whitey for your failures .

  • Vecha302 says:

    That’s an excellent point about not looking down on a piece of paper for that hilarious!Racism has become more quiet and less loud….and when it comes to top, all you gotta do is apologize. Really fucked up and makes me fear change will be slow as hell. (I’m white guy just an FYI) So many young, bright, black men don’t realize their potential, who have been screwed by our broken education system, and much of time have a lot of ground to cover if they want to succeed. And so many teachers just give up.I’ve read of how many had great black schools before integration. Not all, of course…but quite a few had a better education.If stronger black communities can help, I’m all for it. It does bother me to talk bad about integration…Until you talked about “Chinese/Koreans/etc” communities…so, not exactly the same as segregation. If a jackass, nasty, racist full of hate white guy shows up in your community, fuck him up!Love your stuff Lance! Love your passion!

  • dorothy hall says:

    Them black people behind him . Wow that’s some COON-ISH SHIT!!!

  • 114208151414 31815311518 says:

    I wish blacks an whites could have their own communitys.please .police your black people .supply your own jobs.I dare you to.we whites are sick an tired of taking care of your so called community .

  • Tarver S. says:

    I agree 1000% Sir, All of “US” must to build our own communities, schools and patrol our streets. I’m glad people hate me, I wanna know my eneimes and who they are. To know your eneimies you must see them, never let enimies hide. Be cause the same people will need me when there asses are in trouble and I wont be around to help. I swear its Sambos/Coons that want favortisim and accpetince from Whites, that boy can kick rocks. The Black church is an joke.

  • Gatta Harmon says:

    wow smh

  • Black Jews Salvation Coming Soon says:
  • Quinton R says:

    This just shows how we as a people are destroyed by our oppressors. They tell you they don’t want you in their “club” . Then they say they’re sorry and negroes stand by his “apology” , then it’s back to regular scheduled programming . Smh

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