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Sagging ones pants in today’s world for the most part has become like that annoying horsefly that buzzes around your ears when you’re attempting to get that last delicious two hours of extra weekend sleep on a day when you don’t have to get up to work.

It pisses you off enough to almost consider the violent thoughts that are crossing your mind when you experience such an eyesore.

But isn’t it amazing that most have never questioned WHY this has swept the nation and sustained itself for far longer than the usual fashion trend or generational method of rebellion?

It’s a touchy issue indeed but the time is over for us to be too timid to speak about it in a raw manner while those who walk around like this are empowered and emboldened to do so in our silence.

Not only do we need to speak about it, but we need to figure out why they are so preoccupied to doing so when there are so many important things to aspire to becoming in this life that proves to be too short for many who move in the wrong circles.

Is sagging a cry for help?


I believe that it’s done out of a need to fill a void that only having certain absent elements can fill.

My theory might be a bit radical, but listen in and judge for yourself and add your own thoughts on this issue in the comment area below.

It’s time to start addressing the issues that are staring us in the face HEAD ON!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Bold Brother,



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  • Phoenix Rising says:

    you make some good points

  • wety77 says:

    They sag their pants because they are just degenerates that have nothing but foolishness in their heads. Rapper Sisi Wayne sags his pants on stage so they all want to do it.

  • fideljr8 says:

    Call it sometime else but it is not gay.

    • WTR says:

      I agree, tired of racism …. I’m tired of people saying it so gay.
      That’s offensive to me. If everyone is suppose to be equal that means everyone.Stop making gay comments

      • LanceScurv says:

        Under the law everyone is supposed to be treated equal but all indulgences are NOT equal in their energy. THIS platform is about the restoration of The Black Family. Anything that is NOT conducive to that is destructive toward our goals and must deal with their issues as it has absolutely nothing to do with our ambitions.

  • TerreLovesTivaRepeat says:

    Lance, I think your observation is very good here. I have read testimonies of some men, who were indeed *very* hungry for a healthy, male *Father*, as you so aptly put it. This lead to a greater attraction to men sexually, later on. And some of these guys were not very flamboyant, but rather, more masculine in attitude. I have also read similar things from some lesbians who either never had a father figure, had a poor one, or, were abused by a significant male figure when they were young. And, although it is terrible for children to suffer abuse from a Father *or* Mother, I find there is a very distinct loss sustained when there is the lack of a strong Father in a child’s life, be the child male or female…

  • Tre Jermaine says:

    I’m gay and the only time I’ve ever sagged was unintentionally. Like if I
    was jumping in the car to run to the gas station to grab something really
    quick. And I’m talking about 2 to 3 inches due to me losing some weight. I
    can see a dude and he don’t see me, and he somehow know to pull his pants
    up. I tell my cousins and younger straight friends if they don’t want no
    man looking at their a $$ then they need to pull their pants up. Women are
    not interested in a$$, unless she into some kinky mess.

  • Sassy Sauce says:

    This so called style is embarrassing, nasty and uncalled for. Whatever
    happened to being neat and clean?

  • 7 Nero says:

    Interesting point, it makes alot of sense.

  • abasi charles says:

    We embrance nonsense
    And then the nonsense get promoted and then the nonsense gets tied to us

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