Samuel L. Jackson Warns Young Black Men On Twitter: It’s Open Season!

Actor Samuel L. Jackson recently spoke out on Twitter and warned Black men that it’s open season on them and their lives.

What prompted him to make this tweet was the recent court ruling in New York City to bring no charges to Police Officer Richard Haste after he shot and killed 18 year old Ramarley Graham.

Samuel L. Jackson

Graham was killed in the apartment that he shared with his grandmother after being pursued into the apartment by Officer Haste on the suspicion of drug activity. There was no reason to shoot and kill this young man in his own bathroom in his home while the only excuse he could come up with (Don’t they all?) was that he believed that Graham was armed when in fact he wasn’t!

Doesn’t it appear that an increasing trend is happening across The United States and it seems as though it’s only going to get worse?

Rest In Peace Ramarley Graham – Our Fight Will Continue!

Ramarley Graham

Maybe I’m wrong on this but I’m going to think out loud here, is it me or does it seem that many American White men are walking around even angrier and more arrogant after the George Zimmerman Not Guilty verdict?

If anything more Black people than I thought have disappeared into the woodwork in a state of denial because it seems as though it’s business as usual in the Black Community!

Now I consider myself somewhat of an activist and deal accordingly with anything that doesn’t seem right that crosses my path, but I’ve notice a more confrontation air in my travels in White America and to me it was because of the psychological validation that many received to their already insecure collective psyche’s that they can get away with killing the big Black Bogeyman!

Ramarley Graham’s Murderer Richard Haste

Richard Haste

It’s like back in the 1970’s when I would watch ABC  Television’s Wide World Of Sports, they often had the power lifting competition going on and frequently saw World Champion and Soviet sports legend Vasily Alekseyev from Russia. He would constantly break records and set a new target for those coming after his records.

It seemed as though in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting that once certain records were broken then the psychological barrier didn’t exist anymore for the other contestants and they would then break those records easier because they knew it could be done.

  Soviet Sports Legend Vasily Alekseyev

Vasily Alekseyev

Now how does this relate to what Samuel L. Jackson warned Black men on his statement on Twitter?

Well, the last barrier for the common Caucasian man in America that held him back from confronting the feared Black “Thug Criminal” has been broken and removed.

Black Criminal Thugs

They’ve been conditioned mentally for years to believe that the problem with America and everything wrong with it is the fault of the no good Blacks and after George Zimmerman got away with murder then the barrier has been removed just like an Olympic weightlifter who witnessed his fellow competitor take his personal best to new heights.

So now that the Evening News Programs broadcast us as Black men across the land locally, nationally and internationally as the problem with America, many feel deep in the back of their mind that to kill the threatening Black man – whether he is guilty of a crime or not -is doing a good thing for society because that’s just one more low life to deal with.

Now in stating this I am NOT making excuses for the Black men who ARE criminals and murderers etc., because if you are so foolish enough to commit a crime in the present environment of this country you would be a fool not to anticipate the consequences if your scheme doesn’t work to well. What I am focusing on is the innocent Black men who now must feel as though their lives are threatened by the pumped up White man who views us ALL as animals.

It’s sad but it’s true, it’s almost that you have to walk a certain way and talk a certain way now to pass the “acceptable” approval litmus test that’s a non verbal unwritten law in America when a Black man has to tone his vitality down as to not cause any suspicion amongst the scrutinizing eyes of Caucasians.

Sorry. I just can’t do it!

I don’t care how much of an open season it is on us I just wasn’t placed here on this earth to fear any man!

Look, a Black man didn’t cause the massive amount of foreclosures to happen in this country!

Did a Black man force you to purchase a house over and above what you have maintained?


Did a Black man cause you to neglect your financial responsibilities to go on those large shopping sprees, cruises and lavish purchases that left you on the brink of disaster once the recession hit?

Did a Black man cause your little penis to not work anymore and force you to take Viagra merely to get it up? Don’t be mad ’cause mine works!

I didn’t do it! president Obama didn’t do it! Your ex-wife’s hung to the knee Black boyfriend didn’t do it so look in the mirror and own up to YOUR OWN frailties, weaknesses and spiritual/mental shortcomings!

You see, there are countless severe embedded hangups that these modern day John Waynes walk around with and since they can’t handle the heat in their own personal lives they have to blame somebody now don’t they?

   The Spirit Of John Wayne Lives On In Modern Amerikkka And He Would Be So Proud!

John Wayne

Who better to blame than a Black man? It’s an Amerikkkan tradition!

My suggestion to my Brothers is to steer clear of any traps that are set for you because most of the time they will not have the balls to do anything to you one on one with merely their fists unless they have a gun as a false phallic symbol dildo of a mental dick to come after you with.

You already heard George Zimmerman’s trainer state how he was so weak and never showed any improvement, so it wasn’t a surprise that when he came after Trayvon Martin he did so because he knew what he had to settle any dispute.

This is how their minds work. Not all of them, but those who have this mentality. But many will disagree with me but the dead Black bodies that are adding up doesn’t lie. So keep a low profile in public and give them nothing to aim for! Stay off of the streets and give the cops nothing to do and watch their numbers diminish once their is no need for them.

For you to commit a crime is to give your free support to a system that profits from you and keeps corrections officers, cops, judges, lawyers, court officers and entire country redneck towns well feed by the jobs that your Black ass creates for them!

Locked Down

Want revenge?

Dry the system up by NOT becoming a part of it!

Then they will have to take their warlike nature and turn it in on each other because you will not be part of the equation.

Then who will have to blame then?

You have to be wise in this modern day racist society because so many traps are set for you but too many of us walk right into them in our foolish choices and actions. My concern first is for those brothers who ARE obeying the law and living a clean life yet are shot down and killed like it’s hunting season in our communities.

Keep your footprint light and your Third Eye open because this open season TOO shall pass…….

…….is it any wonder why America is going done the drains so fast?

There will come a day very soon when they will stop telling you to “go back to Africa” and actually ask you if they can come along because this country is truly becoming the PITS!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

The Man Who Is Always Bold, Raw & Uncut!



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