Sandy Hook Or Off The Hook? The Nation Never Cried When Little Pookie Got Shot!

Those of us who live on the “other” side of the tracks far away from Sandy Hook see it everyday.

A young Black or Latino kid plays innocently in his yard or in the front of his building and catches a stray bullet meant for someone else and dies on the spot. Sometimes it makes the news and sometimes it doesn’t. Most times it won’t as broadcast and print media have to decide WHAT is more important to blast to the people to push the particular agenda as per the instructions of “powers that be.”

If Kim Kardasian decides to lay down and make another sex tape with a famous Black celebrity or even get pregnant from one, that will be deemed more important than the senseless killing of a young Black kid in the ‘hood who doesn’t possess the status to be of interest on television.

Kim Kardasian Pregnant By Kanye West

As sad as it may seem and as hurt as I am to say this, a lot of people saw big bucks as the Sandy Hook tragedy happened literally right in front of our very eyes on television and as it spread at the speed of lightning over social media as it should have. This was a terrible thing as no matter who you are as a parent or loved one you shouldn’t have to bear that type of pain in your heart that comes from losing a child to violence in this manner.

But WE are the heathens that we deplore.

We are the ones who attempt to display a mask of decency yet we will support all of the cold blooded media outlets and their exploitation “Sandy Hook Kids” as they are paraded around at the various major events like some type of special entertainment even before the pain in their little hearts have subsided.

They get to sing with Jennifer Hudson during half time at Superbowl 2013 while most of our grieving faceless victims probably couldn’t even afford to have a television to see that same event!

Jennifer Hudson Sandy Hook Kids

They will also be featured in the upcoming Grammy Red Carpet pre-show and Hollywood has whispered of a movie about the tragedy.

Yes, I am all for raising awareness for this cause but DAMN, how is all of this affecting these kids and how much of a backhand slap is this to those of us who NEVER get this kind of treatment for the loses that we have to endure daily?

How do you think that makes those of us feel when our pain is ignored and most will hardly even have enough money to bury our loved ones as we feel the ultimate pain.

That same media that exploits the Sandy Hook Kids as the turning point in Gun Control reform is the same media that paints our young Black youth as the ones who are the ruthless animals who tout guns and engage in violence at the drop of a hat where ever they go.

Trayvon Martin

But even if the statistics are twisted and bent around to support that way of thinking, it still isn’t right to act as though Black kids haven’t been killed in record numbers and has been overlooked because our lives are viewed as having no value in America.

Why didn’t those companies who supported Trayvon Martin killer George Zimmerman by giving him countless thousands of dollars support the twisted killer in the Sandy Hook tragedy even though he is dead now? Go ahead and let corporate America make a foundation for him! But that will never happen because the victims in sandy Hook were all didn’t look like me or my children.

George Zimmerman Smiling

Am I racist? No! I am a realist and I am not afraid to speak my mind because too many of us sit down in silence when the moral scales of justice operate in a lopsided manner always favoring those who are “the right hue.”

Pookie gets a cheap funeral that oftentimes leaves a family broke while at the same time the Sandy Hook victims earn the tears of the President.

President Obama spent many years in politics and living in Chicago where young Black lives are taken swiftly and with no fanfare as though it’s business as usual. Why has Barack not shed a tear for those kids? Are their lives not as precious as those sadly taken in Sandy Hook?

President Obama Crying

Who decides who in God’s creation possesses a higher rank on the scale of importance of one another because it surely wasn’t our Creator! We are ALL valued and loved equally as the children of God in His heart but somewhere along the line someone decided otherwise.

But we as people of color are just as crazy as the people who despise us in this land because we drop major tears for those who care not about us (I’m NOT speaking about the Sandy Hook children!) while feeding in to the propaganda that’s pumped into our brains daily as we ignore that kid’s family around the corner who just lost their Black child to gun violence.

I believe that for all people that enough is enough with these killings but if you are going to be pissed off about the exploited victims in the Sandy Hook killings then you better be just as concerned when poor little Pookie gets killed too!

Crime Scene Crime Scene

We are good enough to fight on the front lines of the senseless wars initiated by corporate America but we are not good enough to be morally supported when it’s time for the constant tragedies that happen here like business as usual right here in the downtrodden place that no one wants to acknowledge as the ‘hood!

But kudos to Jennifer Hudson and her performance at the Superbowl this year, it was a touching display of emotion through her song with the sandy Hook Kids but I couldn’t cry like I wanted to because I’m too cried out over the death of the kids that you will probably never see.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,



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