Sarge Speaks on the Confederate Flag, Rachel Dolezal, Gays & The Black Community’s Biggest Threat!

While you may be hearing of Sarge for the first time here, he has actually been a staple on the BlogTalk Radio platform for years.

Those who already know Sarge are acquainted with his passionate rapid-fire fact filled delivery of his perspectives in a manner that is entertaining and always controversial no matter where you stand on the political spectrum.

His kill or be killed approach to a good debate has often left those on the opposite side of the battle lines either knocked out, exhausted or just too befuddled and bedazzled to continue.

Here on LanceScurv we’ll be checking in with Sarge as his opinions are valued if only for the mere fact that he bases all of his points with the facts.

So he welcomes the dialogue, disagreements, arguments and debates with open arms and relishes a knock down drag out match-up of one’s cerebral strengths to ultimately arrive to a higher sense of awareness and knowledge on the topics of the day.

It seems in these days of political correctness a man like Sarge is a breath of fresh air simply because he is not afraid to pull the trigger of honesty to share how he really feels as opposed to stating what others wish for him to say.

So get ready to cheer Sarge on or get your feelings hurt because he takes NO PRISONERS!

…….isn’t that what TRUE freedom of speech is all about?

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