Sarge Speaks on the Confederate Flag, Rachel Dolezal, Gays & The Black Community’s Biggest Threat!

While you may be hearing of Sarge for the first time here, he has actually been a staple on the BlogTalk Radio platform for years.

Those who already know Sarge are acquainted with his passionate rapid-fire fact filled delivery of his perspectives in a manner that is entertaining and always controversial no matter where you stand on the political spectrum.

His kill or be killed approach to a good debate has often left those on the opposite side of the battle lines either knocked out, exhausted or just too befuddled and bedazzled to continue.

Here on LanceScurv we’ll be checking in with Sarge as his opinions are valued if only for the mere fact that he bases all of his points with the facts.

So he welcomes the dialogue, disagreements, arguments and debates with open arms and relishes a knock down drag out match-up of one’s cerebral strengths to ultimately arrive to a higher sense of awareness and knowledge on the topics of the day.

It seems in these days of political correctness a man like Sarge is a breath of fresh air simply because he is not afraid to pull the trigger of honesty to share how he really feels as opposed to stating what others wish for him to say.

So get ready to cheer Sarge on or get your feelings hurt because he takes NO PRISONERS!

…….isn’t that what TRUE freedom of speech is all about?

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President Of ScurvMedia LLC / International Social Media Influencer / Culture Critic / Podcast Host / Blogger / Cartoonist & Activist who focuses on the issues that the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch! 

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  • tofu64gamer says:

    when do sarge speaks

  • iBOXRIVER . says:

    Lance this isn’t sergeant willie pete. This is some other sarge. SargeWP
    has his channels entitled that on YouTube. However I do like this sarge guy

  • Jack1uptone says:

    Yeah this guy is the typical racist redneck sounding Obama bashing fool you
    will catch in the midwest some where.This sound like a classic racist
    redneck.If this dude was black, that’s a very sad thing within itself.He
    made a few good points but most of what he said ended up being some
    bullshit.When he said white racism wasn’t black people’s biggest problem in
    America and then had the nerve to say he wouldn’t even put that in his top
    ten or 25, that was like watching somebody get over excited and shoot they
    self in the foot.This dude sound just like a racist redneck trying to blame
    Obama for everything wrong.It’s funny how there has never been a black
    president before Obama and when we finally get one, white people try to
    make him out to be the worst thing that ever happened to America.Now you
    can easily see why there was never a black president before.The way too
    many white people treat Obama today, is the reason we never had a black
    president before.

  • Joy Green says:

    Take A Look

  • A Charles says:

    I was kind of disappointed I thought this was going to be SWP. I do
    remember This Sarge and SWP debating on a blog talk show some time back.
    The guy was kind of hard to listen to but Lance was the voice of reason.

  • loveNcolor says:

    Democrats, liberals and progressives are clearly code words for black
    people, to his all the way fucked up mindset. Ole Whitey has truly found a
    right proper coon in that old self loathing Sammy. He is that special kind
    of across-the-board moonshining coon that takes one’s breath completely
    away should one have the mishap of ever being introduced to It. Pure
    poison. Cut It loose. To be affiliated in any way with such
    hogwash/whitewash is a bad look for the brand you’ve worked damn hard to

  • najeehouse78 says:

    So sarge said Obama doesn’t know the constitution.. Now to say Obama is
    ignoring the constitution is more accurate.. Lance, Obama was a
    constitutional lawyer.. Also, to Big to fail started with Bush and the bank
    bailouts.., wtf is this guy talking about? Soft shoe cooning that’s
    pretending to be conservative values..

  • najeehouse78 says:

    With this guy logic everything wrong with the world is OBAMA… Obama
    started the revolutionary war, the civil war, World War I, World War II,
    and slavery… I’m not a fan of Obama but my God Lance this guy is full of

  • solreavir says:

    LOL he has points but when he dimnesses factual White supremacy he loses
    credibility for me you can talk about cultural Marxism liberalism Zionism
    military industrial complex these are just more confusing labials. He says
    structured family’s are THE biggest problem black people face? White
    supremacy dictates whether you have a family or not using Lab-our Economics
    and Law.

    To me and most others it’s just white supremacy. All this floating around
    the issues and solving none all over the place talking about symptoms and
    not the cause. It’s the liberals it’s the democrats LOL No dude we are in
    the belly of the beast. “It’s real” “it’s a hoax” it does not matter. Both
    tactics are used against black and non white persons to keep them
    confused. And Obama answers to them. When you have the “first black”
    anything That should be a freaking clue what system you are under.

  • najeehouse78 says:

    I still will listen, but I will not take White accountability off the hook
    for whats going on in the Black community… The right and left equally
    don’t give a dam about Blacks sir..

  • najeehouse78 says:

    Wait, the biggest problem is single parent house wholes? Well sir, what
    happened to fathers, or mothers, where did they disappear too? He lost me
    with all that bullshit… Kind of soft shoe cooning…

  • >