Satan Was God’s Right Hand Man Until Getting Kicked Out Of Heaven And Became His Biggest Hater!

I remember many years ago when speaking with a self defense instructor in the corrections department academy here in Florida about the various scenarios that one can find themselves in when a riot can break out in the common area of the day room.

He mentioned to a few of us that the worst thing that can happen is when an officer is on his own by himself in that day room area for the few moments that his backup takes to arrive. The question that he presented to us was what would we do in that scenario to defend ourselves if one hundred inmates were hell bent on doing you harm in such a small enclosed space?

The theoretical answers flowed and really all of them made sense but were shot down one by one as the instructor showed how each response had its weak points. Granted, with the countless variables that would exist with such a short amount of time to react and such a small space to execute ones defensive actions in, you really couldn’t predict HOW things would turn out but it now came time for me to share my answer with the eager ears of the instructor and with those in the class who quickly gathered around.

I told that instructor that the first thing I would do when dealing with an angry mob knowing that backup was on its way would be to actually back myself into a corner!

Upon sharing those words he had such a look of disbelief wash across his wrinkled face as he probably couldn’t believe that someone who he felt displayed such intelligence thus far would manifest such an asinine answer. He actually asked me if my response was some kind of joke because this goes against everything that he was ever taught in a law enforcement career that spanned over four decades and everything that he actually experienced while in the field as an officer and eventual highly respected well decorated supervisor.

He gave me a chance to explain myself but I could see that he really wanted to rip my response apart but I stuck with it and further explained.

I told everyone that in my estimation, by backing oneself into a corner when one hundred angry inmates are coming to do harm to you automatically reduces the areas of attack as you now only have to focus in on what is in front of you. If one were to stand in the center of the day room area unprotected by the walls of the corner, you could be attacked from behind and would literally be defenseless 360 degrees around!

The instructors face dropped in disbelief because of the irrefutable logic that I had displayed and his features relaxed out of a tense look of a man going into battle mode to that of one of a curious child who wanted to hear more.

I added that if I were in a corner, the inmates would have to funnel down one by one to attack me as there would be enough room for all of the to surround me if I was in that corner. This would actually give me more time to have backup arrive and the inmates would actually shield me from the others behind them as THEIR visibility would be reduced until they got right close up on me.

The instructor, for all of the weeks that we have gotten to know him, truly acted out of the character of this tough battle worn veteran of this mean place behind the walls of the various correctional institutions that he has endured and looked me dead in the eye and said: “In all my years I have NEVER heard anything that made so much sense and if I thought like you did when I started my career in the jail I would have had so much less scars on my old body to show – YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!

I couldn’t believe it! But while on paper it sounded good, no plan of defense is foolproof because there are so many variables that could be different and there is no way to plan for them.

But I said all of that to say this – you sometimes need to back yourself into a corner to really see what is around you. You need to be able to put the masses right in front of you so that everything that is out there in the atmosphere concerning you good and bad will be in plain view without a doubt.

Couple this with your natural ability more or less to discern spirits, and this will reveal to you the inner workings of those around you and guide you to the right plan of counter attack that will actually give you more time, more energy and a greater positive flow from within, as those who have their hidden agendas will be left to themselves with nowhere to go as their energy hypocritical energies will be turned in against them in full view to the world.

Lance Scurv

House cleaning is always a great thing for the one who owns the house. Sometimes we can take in house guests that forget that they are merely guests and begin to act as though they are the ones paying the damn mortgage! LOL!

You must understand that most people are only around you because of what they can get from you. It might not always be money but their investment in you can merely be to side up to you so that when you hit it big they can say that they were there with you from the beginning. Others merely want to infiltrate your inner circle only to create confusion in it because they cannot stand to see a long successful run of an energy that has an upward trajectory that seems to have absolutely no limits.

What I’ve observed is that positivity begets positivity.

When building a house there are steps that must be taken and some steps cannot supersede others!

How can you build a roof onto a house that has no walls yet? How can you install the plumbing before the foundation has been put in? Therefore, how can someone help YOU to become more independent when THEIR situation is dependent on the sweat of another persons brow? How can one tell another about the inner workings of running a business when they would be shit out of luck if that unemployment check doesn’t hit the mailbox on time? Scurv didn’t do that to you, your jacked up choices did!

But to delve even further into this phenomenon that is simply amazing to me, where does one get the time to speculate what I am doing when their personal situations at these advancing years are about as jacked up as a high school dropout who has tons of credit card bills and a baby on the way and just got thrown out of their Momma’s house just as the winter months are beginning? In other words, where does one find the energy to read into my life like a gossip tabloid when the situations that they are in are as shameful as anything on the horizon that I can see?

Scurv didn’t put you in your various “out of this world” situations, your jacked up choices did!

Although all marriages have had times of walking the rocky road before getting to the place of restoration by the grace of God Himself, I can say that at a few months shy of turning fifty years old that I am finally in that place where everyday is Heaven at home and peace of mind and contentment is my constant companion. How else could I explain the high level of productivity that flows from within me effortlessly without strain on such a consistent basis?

Thank God that I have the spouse that I do because when I look at what can hover “near” me here in cyberspace it is literally frightening! Although I know that there are some good women out here, the ones who have been sitting on the shelf for such a long time and/or returned to the store after unsatisfactory relationship use are definitely not ever going to find that place of peace because of the well dressed drama that resides so quietly within them until the proper time comes for them to reveal their true selves.

So as the storms of drama rain down around me on a constant basis, not one drop can ever touch me because my home is intact, well maintained and can withstand a category TEN drama hurricane without even one shingle threatening to fly away from the force.

But for those who like the rats they are inquire about my well being in the hopes of some negativity being revealed, how strong is YOUR house?

How stable is YOUR situation and where will YOU be this time next year if there is a death of a major bread winner in your home? Can you truly stand on your own two feet or will you bank on finding yet another enabler to carry you through until the well runs dry? How long can you run in such a delusional manner and you don’t even want to WORK?

I know one thing, although I have done plenty of dirt in my life, I will not roll the dice ever again and where I am is where I will BE! I am retired from drama in my life and I am looking forward to the entertainment factor of seeing how these in house rabble-rousers get their lives straight while maintaining enough hours on Facebook that would qualify it to be considered a second job!

You see, on Facebook, one can project what EVER kind of life that they want someone to think they are living because it could be put together without a shred of PROOF! Go to the mall parking lot and take a picture next to a luxury car while the real owner is inside shopping and really enjoying their life. Talk about what your plans are for the future yet produce nothing year after year except hot air and a living situation that is sinking faster than the Titanic.

Get in front of the mirror and pose seductively yet get angry when a man only wants to get a quick nut before he is on his way after seeing the drama behind the booty! I can truly understand why because in my days of raising hell I did the SAME EXACT THING!

But for the life of me I just can’t see how a band of Nigga-Bitches can band together and collectively they couldn’t even come up with three nickels and half a cup of stability between themselves! For all the camaraderie displayed in the common target called Scurv, you all can’t even do a damn thing for each other? Now that’s some real CRACKHEAD action there!

What are you going to do when the well runs dry?

I know that the supermodel of a Wife of mine (Those LanceScurv wedding pictures sure pissed a whole lot of do-nothings off! LOL! If I would have know that it would clean house like it did, I would have posted them a long time ago! Eat your heart out as old age approaches and there is NO wedding in sight for you!) have toiled for years working, saving and focusing our energies to where it REALLY counts (Thank God she has no time for cyberspace!) and am looking forward to these golden years which in actuality have already begun as we put our time in to continue to embellish our beautiful lives while those inmate-like drama specialists come at us in full view without a chance in hell to defeat what has been rooted in such a strong manner and foundation.

LanceScurv Wedding

Facebook is the mortar that holds together the busted bricks of a dysfunctional life, the more you have lost yourself in it, the more you are showing that there is not much else going on. Don’t be angry at one who doesn’t have to hide behind a keyboard to manufacture a facade of a life but at the same time don’t waste your energy trying to tear down that same life that you could never damage.

Just go out and get one of your OWN while you can.

While it may be very uncomfortable to hear, these words were truly spoken out of love because in this economy I would hate to see you on the curb.

I tried to help you all I can but “I can’t do nuttin’ fo’ you man!”

Gotta go shopping now! Wifey’s calling and I promised her a new pair of shoes and a brand new bag…….

Peace & Righteous Love Always,


P.S: I’m on to the game so don’t attempt to try to act like you are concerned, our days are quite numbered, someone in your midst let me know exactly what is in your heart.

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