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Oscar Edwards is a 68 year old who was born and raised in Detroit Michigan with a mental disability which leaves him with the mind of a small child. He lives a simple life, most of it spent in his recliner where he sleeps since the roof of the only home he’s known caved due to the heavy rains that caused flooding throughout Detroit last August. Following the flooding Oscars childhood home is in desperate need of repair. Electrical, plumbing, new drywall and floors just to name a few.

He is cared for by his nephew Solomon who in fear of being punished or blamed recently confided in his sister (Faatima) about the dilapidated conditions of the home. It may seem easier to simply relocate Oscar to a new home but this is an almost impossible and unthinkable task. You see Oscar refused to leave the home to attend either brother’s funerals and frankly Oscar finds solace within those now crumbling walls.

The family isn’t looking for anything fancy they merely want to save the only home “Uncle Oscar” has ever known to be repaired as they family feels his time here is winding down. The family has reached out to government, state and county agencies but found out they didn’t qualify due to the deed of the home being in Oscars deceased brother Sonny’s name.

After reaching out to numerous construction companies Owner Tim Porcasi of Ferndale’s Pro Home Improvement sent over a 12 man crew to install a new roof, another contractor donated and installed a hot water heater and financial contributions.

March 31st Mold results came back the levels in the basement and 1st floor is fine, but the level with bedrooms and bath levels are TOXIC, some rooms have black mold which can cause Cancer. We have to raise $12,000 asap just for remediation of the mold. I’m begging everyone please donate if you can, even if it’s $5 it’s more then what we have right now.

We are Our Brothers Keeper…

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Saving Uncle Oscar

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