High Blood Pressure: Is It Simply A Black People Thing Or Is It Circumstantial?

Is high blood pressure in Blacks truly a hereditary ailment that we will always have to struggle with?

When something is presented to me as though it were written in stone I will begin to question its permanence because there is a cause for every effect.

Are Blacks the only people on the face of the planet who suffer from high blood pressure in elevated numbers collectively?

…….I don’t think so.

High Blood Pressure

While I would say that high blood pressure most likely is caused by many different variables I just can’t wrap my hand around saying that an entire people are cursed with having a higher chance of getting it simply because of their race.

I must first say that I am not a doctor nor am I am a medical student so I’m not speaking from the platform of having any more knowledge on this topic more so than any other common man.

But because I don’t have that scholastic pedigree I don’t think that it bars me from speaking about what I’ve observed and the pattern that I see.

This is my take on this thing called high blood pressure…….

Even if it’s proven that Blacks have a higher propensity for having high blood pressure, I believe that the profit driven medical industry are too quick to press these doctors to prescribe high blood pressure medication to us when the true cause of this ailment is the racism that we have to endure on a constant basis and the deep psychological and emotional ramifications that are the unseen precursors too being diagnosed with it.

Am I saying that diet and exercise do not play a role in warding off high blood pressure? NO!

I would be foolish to say that it didn’t play a role in keeping us healthy but I do feel that if we didn’t have to anticipate life in this society as it is feeling as though so much is against us then our numbers of persons with high blood pressure would decline drastically.

Again I say that I’m simply thinking out loud and offering a point of view that I really haven’t seen out here in the world.

But many of you will agree, that these doctors seem to want to push all types of medication on you even before the myriad of much safer alternative means of bringing your health issues under control.

Now granted, if its an immediate life threatening issue then you have to do what you have to do as far as taking what the doctor orders.

But if you find yourself in the doorway of being one with a constantly elevated level of blood pressure, or being told that you are headed down the road of diabetes, you have to grab the reigns of control and steer your physical ship into the tranquil waters of good health where it needs to dock and acknowledging the intangibles that affect your life is a great place to start.

I believe that for most Blacks in a lower economic class are affected by stress, anxiety and racism as a deadly cocktail that is killing us off slowly but surely while most will accept the genetic explanation of why we have high blood pressure.

Most will agree on the flight or fight mechanism that humankind is stated to have in order to deal with any stressful situation that may come across our path is pretty much a great thing that has sustained us since the beginning of time.

But the world has changed for everyone in the last one hundred years and it has REALLY changed exponentially for the captured Black people who were taken from the complete freedom that they enjoyed long before they were brought to these shores to slave for someone else’s wicked demonic agenda.

High Blood Pressure

Since we have been on the bottom of the barrel in a system that benefits from keeping us there and exploiting us on so many levels, we have had this unseen pressure on us as we strive to ascend to being our best on a battle field that we know good and damn well is stacked against us.

We simply aren’t allowed to utilize our “flight or fight” mechanism once we were kidnapped to this place so I believe that we’ve internalized our pain and frustration that eventually manifest as the various ailments that we suffer from such as high blood pressure.

So imagine, you’re on a job where the so called boss or CEO/Administration treats you like crap but you know that you have to take the disrespect because you know that you have a ton of bills to pay and this is the only way in your mind that you can fulfill your personal obligations!

…….and you say that having high blood pressure is naturally a Black thing?

Imagine, you are so brilliantly talented but will never gain the respect and notoriety that your Caucasian peers are receiving that are probably not even as gifted as you are in your chosen area of expertise.

…….and you say that having high blood pressure is naturally a Black thing?

Imagine, you are driving under the speed limit after a hard day of work and are looking forward to relaxing at home but are stopped by the police and are treated like a third class citizen less than a mile from where you dwell to be asked “what are you doing in this neighborhood?”

…….and you say that having high blood pressure is naturally a Black thing?

I’m willing to believe that if you were to take a person who was NOT Black and inflict the mental, spiritual and physical cruelties on them where they begin to embrace and expect the unfair playing field, then you would see a rise in high blood pressure as well as many other ailments that Black people in America living under a racist system that are traditionally known for.

Again, diet, exercise, a positive attitude, hope for the future, belief in a higher being and order, being loved and appreciated as well as the vast amount of nurturing scenarios that we as humans need to enjoy a quality life are all mandatory to having great health, but it all can go south very quickly if the society in which we live in is based in one’s dominance, exploitation and total control.

High Blood Pressure

What do I feel is the solution?

Well, first you must construct your personal life in a manner that will grant you every component that you need to be strong and symbolically well fed in a way that this system will never nourish you.

You must be self sufficient and understand that the system here in the United States will always seek to usurp all energy and resources from the Black community just in the same manner that it does when it causes wars in distant lands to benefit by gaining access to the natural resources that the country possesses.

So you have to possess the mindset of building something of value for your community that will last beyond your life for your children as this will unlock you from the frustrations of giving your talents and abilities to a system that will leave you with absolutely nothing in the end after a lifetime of servitude.

To realize that you’ve “played by the rules” and STILL received pennies on the dollar at best is a very frustrating realization and enough to drive anyone’s pressure sky high to cause them to suffer a stroke.

So these are simply a few of the undetectable stresses that we must endure as Blacks in America, and while I must say that these concerns overlap with persons of other races that share the same deadly health concerns, whatever they feel is not as intense as when you throw racism into the mix.

Racism is so much more than someone hating you for the color of your skin, I believe that many of us would care less about it if racism didn’t get in the way of pursuing life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness when it’s all said and done.

It’s knowing that you deserved that promotion on a job but lost out to an individual with far less experience than you that YOU trained who is now your direct supervisor and has to constantly ask YOU how to run the department!

That’s the kind of scenario that gives us high blood pressure more so than consuming too much salt!

Racism is real and it rears its ugly head when you know that your work history is honorable and your credit score is overwhelmingly impressive yet that loan that you need to get into your dream home never materializes because the neighborhood that you desired to call home is red-lined against “your kind.”

Who wouldn’t get an elevated pressure reading after playing by the rules all of their life only to find that the playing field was stacked against them all because of the color of their skin!

White Priviledge

Racism is a definite sickness but we’ve got to live our lives in a manner NOT to tip toe around that sickness but to step strong and proud like the men that God created us to be to call it out for what it is and to NEVER internalize it to eventually make US sick because when that happens we are just as guilty as those who are sick in the first place.

But the sad reality is that too many of us have lived a life that catered to keeping the peace with a sick entity that history shows could never maintain any measure of peace with anyone now matter WHERE they went!

So know that your reaction to your environment plays a strong role in the status of your health and when you begin to live your life without concerning yourself with this sick system and the entities that perpetuate it, you will enjoy a long life of abundance in all of the good things that God has intended for you as a citizen of the world and not some subservient beggar who has no vision to ascend to a higher level of greatness!

Think and manifest this mentality and High Blood Pressure will be a thing of the past for you as it will begin to increase in number in the oppressor’s communities because they won’t have us to step all over anymore!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Intense Brother,



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