Brother Scrooge Greedy shares an incident of poetic justice that he experienced recently as a Black man living in Oklahoma in a tale of blatant racism on steroids. He also free flows on many of the lessons that he has learned in this life that has elevated him due to his logic and reasoning which will help our other Sisters and Brothers to know that life is not what the oppressor wants you to think it is as they suck the blood out of us to drain our life force for their benefit.

Brother Scrooge Greedy is proof positive that when you change the way that you think and what you keep on your mind you will be changed and metamorphosed literally overnight. What we must do is to share and influence our knowledge of self in an unconditional manner to those who may not be in that place of ascension in order to plant the seeds necessary that will cause them to vibrate on a higher level. Doing this will help our people to break the shackles of oppression that have plagued them for countless years throughout their dealings with these vampires. What they do not want you to know is that our time to rise is here and no matter how hard they try it cannot be stopped.

They are on their last leg as their empire of oppression is collapsing as all other similar dynasties have fallen. Worry not about this present world order or their projected “New World Order”, simply prepare yourself for the rise of THE MELANATED PEOPLE OF THE SUN! If you do not know who that is then realize that this is YOU!

Feel free to share your perspectives on the powerful words of Brother Scrooge Greedy in the comment section below and let us continue to enlighten each other as we walk our divine path to mental physical and spiritual FREEDOM on OUR TERMS! ENJOY!

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