The Secret Life Of The Low Self Esteemed Woman! – The LanceScurv Show

LanceScurv speaks on the hidden population of women with low self esteem that operate covertly amongst us.

Many women who profess that they will not allow a man to beat on them or cheat on them are simply fooling themselves and the world because what they allow behind closed doors says otherwise.
This is not all women but merely some, but when you look at the overall amount of low self esteemed women who walk the earth it is far too many.

These men who prefer the quick control that goes with a low self esteemed woman are out here in abundance and getting the easy sex and loving that they need at bargain basement prices!

The low self esteemed woman is shrewd enough to pretend outwardly to be strong and will even tell you this in public!

But away from her girlfriends at the beauty salon she will always be that weak, controllable sperm receptacle for that married man who uses her until he can’t use her no more!

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Low Self Esteem Graphic

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