SEKHMET 7 in her video titled face the truth be your authentic African self will most likely have many who are in denial of their blackness running for the hills. But as I listened to her brilliance and wisdom on display for all to absorb, my first thought was that many who are in denial of their blackness should thank her for exercising those demons within them that keep them living very unstable double lives.

In the midnight hour those who we refer to as ‘COONS know who they are but fight hard against the obvious truth to bring down those who are comfortable in their African identity while pushing their head deeper into the sands of self-denial. It’s a very sorry existence to be one who is in denial of who they are but it is also a very dangerous one because in their lack of embracing themselves they will tear you down because what they see inside of you brings fear to them because it shows them who they really are. I totally and thoroughly appreciate our system for bringing the light to erase the darkness of ignorance and denial and I hope you do appreciate her to because her expressions and words will definitely leave you feeling elevated even when you already are very much
conscious as to who you are.

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