Self Hate: Alive & Well In 2014? – The LanceScurv Show

Self Hate IS alive and well in the Black community in the year 2014!

When you love something as it is you don’t have to go out of your way to change it.

What makes the display of self hate even worse is that many will take their hard earned money and actually PAY FOR the alterations on their appearance because of the discontent that lurks deeply below the surface.

We hate the texture of our hair, the color of our skin and the facial features that identify us with a people that we don’t seem to be too proud of being associated with.

If you ask me, if some of us had a choice in how we were created and could change who we were, the Black population numbers would plummet severely because many would return as something else other than who they are now to reject being Black.

But why are we like this and what will it take to make us change our self hating ways and make us appreciate ourselves?

Whatever it is that will cause us to love ourselves the way that we were created will have to be something very powerful to break the stronghold that has plagued our minds since we’ve been torn away abruptly from the Motherland.

It’s so severe that this evolution and restoration process will probably not be completed in our lifetime and will be another several hundred years to get out of it.

Leave you opinions and thoughts in the comment area below because we would definitely love to hear them. God bless.

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  • energetically1 says:

    What a sincere person:) It’s refreshing

  • Robert Jackson says:

    The conditioning of the mind is strong!… Free the mind and the rest will follow.

  • pditty b says:

    Black people look at me like im crazy because Im a black woman that wears dreadlocks! They tell me to put a perm in it,hell no!

  • Akia Thomas says:

    Me too I’m so glad I’m not the only one

  • Beautiful Brown says:

    Yes that I’m “mixed or spanish” is crazy to me people are so ignorant. My
    natural hair is red and my great grandmother is white but when people ask
    me what I am I say I am black. I have 2 black parents but people who have a
    little mixture down the line will take that to their grave. I’m mixed I’m
    not all black like it’s ridiculous

  • LadySoul4ever says:

    China has been bitten by the plastic surgery bug. They are carving
    themselves up to look more European too. It seems no one is immune to the
    blonde hair, blue eye influence.

  • Bum Head says:

    What is wrong having a preference for light or white skin women? Why does
    that have to be a bad thing if that is what some may like?

  • Monique Reed says:

    Lance please stop saying you said the crazy thing. You speak the true and
    make people think. I love your channel.

  • Antron Bailey says:

    Colorism has been major issue for our people going back to slavery..

  • abasi charles says:


    Does this skin color thing effect women more than men?

  • >