Serena Williams: Why Does America Hate Her? – The Dr. Ramona Brockett Show

Serena Williams is the topic of intense, energetic and informative discussion between Dr. Ramona Brockett, Mike (Twitter @Mikeson30) and LanceScurv.

We discuss the awesome legacy that Serena Williams is creating as well as the nasty remarks that have been made questioning her gender and the accusation that she’s on steroids and performance enhancement drugs.

If this is truly a post racial America, then why are Serena and Venus receiving so much hate especially when they are an American success story?

Whether the so called Mainstream Media acknowledges it or not, history is in the making by this incredible athlete whose Sister Venus is also part of this awesome Sister duo that have been groomed from birth by their visionary of a Father and American Tennis Coach Richard Williams.

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  • grape roberts says:

    They hate Serena and Venus because they are the black and dominate a white
    people sport. If Serena was white she would of be making more money
    than that line backer Sharapova. Serena is GOAT . And she is a beautiful
    goddess. It is a disgrace for Sugarpova to make more sponsor money than
    Queen Serena .

  • KhamisiFox says:

    They hate Serena Williams for the same reason they hate Floyd Mayweather.
    their sport. !!!

  • The Rookie Seeks says:

    the inferiority complex is uncanny. They are the best and always will be.
    Whites are determined to knock down any black person that surpasses them,
    which isn’t hard. Spiritually, since the father spoke life they are great,
    that is how that particular law works. Salute to the family.

  • G14able says:

    Where do you get the data that states “America hate Her So Much”? You
    should do the hard work of gathering statistics not multiply one comment by
    one hatter by the population of America excluding yourself and those of
    intelligent people who know greatness when they see one.

  • Luvie1980 says:

    Most people do not like Serena Williams because she is the best tennis
    player on the planet right now, no contest. When it come to Sharapova or
    that no talent Kornikova, Americans cream themselves. I also notice that
    the Serbian tennis player doesn’t get as much hate as Serena. Why is that?
    (rhetorical question)

  • Tonty says:

    This was hard to listen to….Transgenderism is real. Black ppl wont
    believe it until the “media” reveals it. It is all sorts of info on this
    TransWorld Sports tennis hoax. It hurts to hear black men lust over a man
    they think is a woman. The reality is mockery. Smh

  • jazzy red says:

    This sister got it going on! She is the best in the world! She train hard
    and she play hard! When you are good at what you do some people will hate
    you! (Because they don’t play as well) but hold your head up, and keep
    doing what you are doing! Jazzy red peace out!

  • Juanita X says:

    Racist are intimidated by the black body. I heard when the Williams’
    sisters play white Americans will root for the other white player. Some
    people have so much hate in their hearts towards African Americans. These
    people are really sick. The Williams’ sisters are very talented and as they
    got older became attractive women IMO. Sexism and racism is something
    black women grapple with on a daily basis.

  • 30fabtel says:
  • chapelaltar gonnagetmarried says:

    Serena is a man, bro!Waketh the fucketh upeth.”

  • LanceScurv says:
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