Are You Seriously Ready To Make The Necessary Sacrifices For Success?

Too many people are simply not willing to do what is necessary to finally taste the success that they claim that they crave!

When you really think about it, we have an overabundance of people who talk the right talk but who have no intention of walking the straight path to back their verbal projections up.

Some are content with merely “yapping their gums” while others are silently breaking down the barriers that present themselves daily to always show themselves to be a conqueror of setbacks and the ultimate winner.

Many individuals feel that they can operate in a amenity laced comfort zone until their change arrives and want to cry the Blues when great things never happen.

God has placed the seeds of greatness in every single one of us but the main crucial element that most seem to forget is that those very same seeds need to be watered before they can even think about growing.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, for every spiritual lesson that runs deep there is a parallel more easily digestible lesson in the physical that lends testimony to the unseen plane of the spirit.

This is how a child can quickly grasp their gift of discernment and sense of spiritual awareness long before they could even read their first words of The Holy Scriptures!

Teach a child to water those seeds of greatness from a young age and you will raise a mighty adult because they now have that universal understanding of what happens above and within.

But it is simply not water that stirs what God places in us to manifest into a blinding brilliance, but the principle of hard work must be put into motion to bring it about.

Oh and you can best believe that hard work is not enough to make those seeds of greatness grow because you also must sacrifice much to have the necessary time and resources to spend toward honing your craft.

Sacrifice comes in many forms and being able to turn away from many of the carnal indulgences that take your focus away from your ultimate prize is paramount in getting closer to them on a daily basis.

We can reach success a little bit everyday in smaller increments if everything that we do moves us toward our goals. To dissipate our precious limited energies on anything that is not conducive to our personal success is comparable to not budgeting ones earnings properly and then wondering why they’re broke.

So not only discipline with our finances are necessary but being thrifty with our time is probably just as important. You cannot hang around those who have no dream and expect to feel enthusiastic about yours.

Success Leap

Those who have absolutely no mission in their lives are nothing more than dead weight. They can be very nice people but you have to understand that there are many truly nice people in this world who seriously have no clue and couldn’t tell you the difference of where their toes are from their ring finger.

Then you have those who merely speak of a mission yet take no action to move toward it. These are the chameleons that you have to watch out for, these individuals are forever in the planning stages of some great plan that was supposed to “pop” ten years ago. Its time has come and gone yet the bearer of this dream wants you to constantly sit down with him/her to spend a tremendous amount of energy toward something that has been in a rut for the last decade of their lives.

So as you can see, it is not only about what you do to achieve success but also who you must avoid as to not waste the precious energy that you have in your success budget.

Personally, I’d rather be the man that has less financial backing and a Tsunami of drive, focus, energy and determination to achieve my personal successes as opposed to that one who has the money, connections and vast resources yet has no fire in his/her belly to drive the vision into reality.

So when those small setbacks appear in your life you must take personal responsibility for them even if it is apparent that you really weren’t the one who put this failure into motion.By doing this you have elevated your game a little bit higher than it was before because the area that the other individual “fumbled” in is now something that will never happen again under your watch.

Too many people who are trying to reach their goals are too quick to blame a team mate or someone in their inner circle when things don’t go right instead of taking the bull by the horns and ensuring that they will never go wrong.

When you see anyone that has reached their goals and is striving continuously to go higher, you will see in that person someone who has struggled when others gave up as well as facing adversity with a totally different mindset than those who quit.

To create a vision from within, believe in it when times get rough, work your plan and executing the necessary sacrifices that are necessary to make it happen is not an easy road to take but once you get there you will truly feel that it was worth it.

You will also see that many who have started with you have fallen off because their sincerity to the dream wasn’t as strong as yours. Expect that in this life and ALWAYS keep your internal fires burning because if you don’t you will be left cold because of the weaker flames around you that have fizzled out that belonged to the quitters.

What’s my final word on sacrificing towards ones goals?

Well, you must absolutely have the ability to stand alone and walk with no one because at the end of the day YOUR dreams and aspirations can never be made manifest by anyone else BUT yourself!

…….the answers are all inside of you just right there next to the One God that will make it all come true!

Work hard toward your vision, sacrifice, budget and never waste your spiritual energy, take care of your physical vessel, live a clean life and NEVER lose that divine connection to your God and this life will bless you greatly in the end!

I hope these few words have been an inspiration to you today!

Now let’s stop talking and GET TO WORK!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your “Forever Motivated” Brother,



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