It’s the early 1980’s.

It still feels like the seventies but the addition of cordless phones, VCR’s, music videos and the ever rising popularity of those small new Japanese cars makes things feel just a little different in a strange new way.

Compact disc’s are the new thing but they are generally too expensive for the masses who still love their cassette tapes to crudely record their favorite song from the radio through the air…….(Shhhhh! Stop talking and making noise!, I’m taping my favorite jam off of 92 WKTU!) Lol!

How barbaric!

If you didn’t have change or a dime (Yes! A dime! Don’t believe me? Then YouTube the song entitled “Call me” by the group named “Skyy!”) for the telephone then you were just STUCK because it would be a while before cellphones would be around but not before the arrival of the notorious beeper!

At that time more people knew what WHT (Wometco Home Theater! Remember the “Nightcaps? Lol!) was more so than HBO. A neighbor was really a neighbor and you actually knew their names and where they worked as well as what the inside of their house looked like!

Imagine that.

The time period and the social attitudes behind that as well as every other era that we’ve lived through had it’s own sweet flavor and the only way for you to really understand it is to live through it yourself.

This is why there will always be the argument around that compares the different eras and why the one off our younger years will always be defended by us “tooth and nail” as being the best.

You’ve heard the argument or maybe you’ve found yourself saying: “You kids today don’t even have a childhood because you will never know how sweet it was back I back in the day when I was growing up, our generation was the last generation that enjoyed our younger years!”

Sadly, this is what our Elders told us and we vehemently defended our time against their heyday over and above their weak argument each and every time.

One thing is for sure as far as I am concerned, you can take back Facebook, Twitter and all of the smart phones from which we can communicate remotely with the aid of these social media networks anytime if you can catapult me back to the time when we shared the camaraderie and joy that came from a mere walk “up the avenue” with our friends poking fun at every passerby who was in our midst.

What happened to those days?

What happened to the sweetness of playing an old 45 rpm record that was scratched up so bad that we had to tape a quarter to the needle to keep it from jumping? Hey! We even considered the scratches as part of the song to the point that when we hear an old favorite tune now on the radio it kind of sounds funny without the old scratches and popping that we’ve become used to on our own vinyl disc! Lol!

If you previously thought that I was faking by claiming to be a child of the early disco era than my prior examples proves that I’m a card carrying member!

Dating back then was a whole lot different than it is now, as a man you really had to WAIT for that kiss goodnight at the front door! And I don’t mean wait a few minutes for it either. I mean wait for a few dates to go by where you had to be on your best behavior! You had to be a gentleman or else you would BLOW it!

Now? These young men (And too many old ones in my age group!) expect to sample EVERYTHING on the first date…..Hold on! Let me correct myself……they don’t do dates anymore these days…….they “holla at ya” and ask when they can “slide on through” which is the most civil way that they can communicate to each other that they want to come by later for a booty call!

It used to be that the parents on BOTH sides had to know the name, number, family and complete background of someone that you were dating because we knew that the mishap of an unplanned pregnancy meant that those two families would be joined in the responsibility of raising that child forevermore!

Now we don’t even find out the culprit in the unplanned pregnancies of our daughters until AFTER the deed has been done, and the only “dates” that our youth seem to know of are the court dates that they find out about when it is time for the little stud muffin to cough up the child support if the paternity can ever be proved in the first place!

All we as young teenagers may have had as stolen intimacy was that stretched telephone cord that barely made it to our room at night to whisper sweet nothings to the girl of our desires.


A mere trip to the restroom for our daughters has now turned into a voyeur’s dream once she is equipped with a phone that has picture taking abilities as she can bless you with a direct display of her female adornments that would run the local topless bar or strip joint out of business! Lol!

Sad but true.

No one is scared of AIDS and HIV anymore?

Sex has always been with us from the beginning of time and it is a gift from above when shared under the context of proper execution but in this modern time of the “sweet” sinful transgressions, it has been packaged to be even more  titillating and seductive than ever before and at the present time ranks right up there with a game of touch football or a Sunday afternoon with the fellas watching a good game of football with the accompanying huge kegs of beer! (I’ve come to understand that testosteronized brand of madness even though I still don’t watch football OR drink alcoholic beverages!)

Sex is powerful. Sex is not to be misused, abused or disrespected. Sex can build empires just as well as it can destroy entire civilizations. Most are pulled in by the immediate drug-like gratification that it can bring as well and can indulge oneself to their hearts content because of the availability of willing partners who are schooled in the full range and entire spectrum of freakish sexual delights.

Wanton hedonistic transgressional sex can make a strong man/woman weak. Righteous God ordained sex can make a weak man/woman strong. The pendulum of erotic power swings both ways regardless as to the application of your particular indulgence with this immense gift. It all depends on the practitioner to utilize it responsibly so that it becomes a positive force in ones private life.

Sex can be the best of gifts when the power it possesses is respected, controlled and understood yet can be the worst thing to happen to a person when they allow its grip on their life to rage on out of control.

It can be worse than an addiction to drugs, the forces that cause a person to become a sex addict may not be that much different from one who has a substance abuse problem. The crack addict must get his/her hands on the drug regularly just as well as the sex addict must get their rush and thrill on a constant basis also. What makes one addiction to sex even more vicious than a crack or heroin addiction is that unlike the junkie, the sex addicted individual moves about their day with a never ending supply of the tools from which to ply their craft. Their imagination, their hormones and genitalia can never be confiscated and separated from the chronically addicted.

Add to the fact that there is so much stimulation that one is being constantly bombarded with as well as an abundance of other fellow addicts who are more than willing to explore their particular fetish and you realize what a unique and deadly cocktail that we can truly be to ourselves if left unchecked without any self restraint.

Most of us don’t realize that there are unseen spiritual elements to the act of sex. As a matter of fact, what we do on a physical level is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this delicious indulgence. Again, we really are unaware of what transpires between two people (Or three, four or more if you are into that kind of thing! Lol!) and the long lasting effects of that union no matter how brief or temporary it was when it took place.

But before I forget I must say that most of us are not enjoying the full range of wholesome enjoyment and divine experience of true sex. We for the most part are silent participants in a physical agreement to masturbate ourselves with each other with no bonding or no true intimacy whatsoever.

Sex for the most part in our so called modern “advanced” society has become a game of “receive without giving'”, we try to “get” as much as we can without truly giving of ourselves so we actually deprive ourselves of its goodness because the divine rule of cultivating true good sex is to open up oneself completely.

Did I lose you one that one?

Well let me try to explain it another way, we have become so conditioned by others who in their mind are looking out for our best interests by telling us to go out and enjoy ourselves but don’t get hurt. They tell us not to get “caught up” in whoever it is that we are “having fun” with. Okay. We are all adults here. You know exactly what folks mean by having fun and don’t tell me that it could mean taking a nice trip to the beach together or the bowling alley.

You know what it entails!

Case closed.

So when you go out and have fun with this new person, what happens is that you are giving them your body but you are holding back all emotions that want to flow during the act of sex.

…….and if you think that I am a bit too cold in my terminology by always referring to the physical union as sex I have to correct you and say that I don’t believe that a new sex partner that you just met is capable of “making love” to you. They don’t even know you really and a lot of what is going on between you is merely lust all dressed up to appear like something more than what it is not.

Sorry to bust your bubble but the truth is healthy.

So during this voluntary “lust exchange” you are enjoying the friction that this new partner/body provides but what really takes you to that point of what you call “orgasm” has nothing to do with the other persons inner effect on you, no, what does it for you is that you have mentally overloaded on your OWN prior masturbatory thoughts that were there long before you ever knew this person!

It’s a very lonely indulgence indeed!

Our minds are so full of the snapshots of prior experiences that it is those prior experiences that we had either in person or in our minds through our exposure to porn that help to guide what we think that we like in a person.

You will hear some men say amongst themselves – “I just love a woman with some big assed thighs and a little waistline, that just gets me weak each and every TIME! Or, you may her a woman say to her good friend when having a “girls night out” that “I sure love a bald chocolate brother with a six pack and a nice smile with white teeth! The next one that I see will definitely get no resistance from me if they try to bed me down girl! Lol!”

So you see that we are definitely influenced by our own tastes and fetishes but what we have to realize is that everything that appears to us in the “packaging” that we happen to like may not always be good for is and oftentimes will be bad for us because we have focused on the exterior more than we have the interior!

Remember that guy that you saw not too long ago cursing his woman out in public? How about that pissed of chick downtown at the child support office who can’t stand the sight of the man that she laid down and had those three children with? Or the outwardly loving couple who behind closed doors have no semblance of a caring relationship at all and haven’t even spoken to each other for weeks? You see, when these examples first got together they did not check “under the hood” like the should have to investigate the attributes of a person to whom they have giving the keys to their heart so quickly.

These who were lead by the outward appearance or by the execution of an act that they were craving and had an extreme weakness for (Girl! I ain’t NEVER had my pussy eaten like THAT! I can’t let this one go!) allowed this so called picture perfect significant other into their lives like a Trojan horse of unseen drama not realizing that they have allowed all kinds of unclean spirits into their lives unchecked to infest their mind body and soul usually with a tragic ending!

Don’t you know that when we lay down with someone there is a transferal and blending of spirits? Think back to the time when you had a new partner and how you felt after that first complete sexual exchange with them. Either you were extremely groggy or had the feeling of being happily drugged where you just thought that it was the natural afterglow of the act just committed. Sometimes it’s NOT a good feeling afterward as you might feel dirty or used and can’t wait to get away from this person and into the shower to “get them off of you” as fast as you can!

Isn’t it funny how those can be the longest showers…….

You can never scrub hard enough or get the feeling that you are completely clean when you feel this way. Let’s hope that you didn’t contract an STD, better known as a Sexually Transmitted Disease. But even worse than an STD is an “STD!” Yes, the “STD” in this case stands for a “Sexually Transmitted Demon!”

I’ve said this before and I will mention it again, when you open yourself up on an intimate level with someone you have allowed yourself to “average out” with them spiritually. Their personal inner strengths and weaknesses blend with your strong points and weak areas and you become connected in ways that either benefit you or drag you down the food chain.

As a man I’ve always had a personal saying that went like this: “If you go to bed with a dumb woman you will wake up a little more stupid!” Now if you are a woman you can flip the words of my saying to fit the situation but those words basically tell you what I said in the prior paragraph.

Now this is where it gets heavy…….

When you finally banish a bad mate out of your life that had a strong hold (a spiritual stronghold!) over your life you must understand that just because they may not be sleeping in your bed anymore doesn’t mean that their residue or resident demons are not still infesting your life! You must understand that for the entire time that you were in a relationship with this person that you’ve welcomed their demons into your life with open arms so don’t think that they took all of their demons and entities with them when they left! Many are still with you, influencing your every thought and whispering/seducing you into a possible position for an entirely new union with another person who has more desirable weaknesses for them to exploit more drama into your life.

Now either you are with me on this or you think I am stone CRAZY! LOL!

So this should tell you that you need to work on yourself long and hard after a breakup regardless to the fact if it was a friendly breakup or something horrible. Hey. Would you lay up in a hotel bed if the housekeepers didn’t change the sheets leaving someone elses slime on the bed from their prior love-fest that left the room smelling stink like somebodies toxic crotch? NO! So why would you put yourself out there for someone else in an unclean state or even accept someone else new into your life who YOU haven’t made sure was clean from their prior unions to make sure that you don’t bring in an entirely new set of strongholds/demons to deal with?

So when they say “cleanliness is next to Godliness” they aren’t just talking about scrubbing your ass real good!

When you have sex with someone and it is NOT in the divine protected union of a GOD ORDAINED (And not merely what the State says, because they will give you a marriage license to marry your pet DOG if you pay them enough!) marriage, you are NOT the only entities there in that darkened room (Or dark alleyway if you couldn’t wait to get your groove on at home! LOL!), you must understand that the energy of adulterous/fornicative sex is like a gourmet meal to some of the demonic forces of the universe…….and here you are just giving yourself away not only to your partner (Who you may not even KNOW two weeks from now!), but to these OTHER homeless spirits who are seeking a strategic new dwelling spot from which to set up their hellish base of operations.

Now let me hip you to something ELSE that will blow your mind, understand that even when you indulge in masturbation by yourself locked away in the privacy and safety of your favorite spot, there will be the unseen entities that are right there ready to jump on into your being at that open point of orgasm!

Now while many will say that the Bible makes now mention if masturbation is good nor bad let me ask you this, how many of you masturbate without lustful thoughts?

Now don’t tell me that you get turned on and masturbate to the thought of seeing the grass grow because now you are insulting my intelligence and I would just have to call you a damn LIAR!

So those of us who play with ourselves while watching porn now have an even stronger open channel to invite all kinds of unclean spirits into our life because we are actually having sex with those who are IN that porn movie even if they are dead and gone! We have summoned up those same spirits that were there and we are basically telling them that we want them to dwell in us because we are in essence putting our stamp of approval on the activity that caused them to infest others!

I don’t care whether you believe me or not but I am compelled today to put these words down because SOMEONE out here in the world needs to hear this in order to clear up some of the confusion that they have been experiencing in their life and really didn’t know why or what was happening!

This is why sex is such a well used area to trick the masses into confusion, rebellion and an eventual death while never being allowed to see that they are giving up on the gift of eternal life. You see, I don’t know about you, but an orgasm is one of the most enjoyable powerful mind blowing experiences under God’s natural sun (Or moon! LOL!) that you will ever experience! Now they say that crack use brings about a sensation stronger than sex and orgasm, well those people probably never had any good sex in their lives ’cause NOTHING is beating THAT sensation! LOL!

But the devil knows this and this is why he uses the internet, the television, the movies and hijacks entire cultures covertly to infuse it with things to titillate us sexually to lead us into doom by an urge that is God given but must be utilized in the proper controlled manner in order to be something that is good for you.

But I would really love to hear your feedback and comments on my words for the day. as a matter of fact I could go on and on with this topic but I will break the information to you in smaller increments that can be digested properly. I speak only from experience and share these words out of love because I don’t want anyone else to make the poor choices that I have made in this life as I have suffered the consequences of them and paid the hard price. While you may have those who can merely quote a scripture on a certain topic without ever having to deal with certain things, I on the other hand know that what God reveals in His word to be the undisputed truth because I have been in the trenches in this particular area and know the ropes hands on more than a non experienced well wishing scripture quoter.

So this is all that I will put out there for now but let me know if you want me to go deeper into this topic or if it has been useful for you.

Peace and righteous love always,


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