Sexy Roxy’s Seductive Halloween Street Rant! – LanceScurv

Sometimes you simply have to take a little break to have some fun!

This is exactly what was done as LanceScurv broke out with the video camera to remove the accumulated dust to hit the streets once again in search of all of the interesting people who lurk amongst us unnoticed in the world.

Tonight we ran across a woman to whom we’ll refer to as Sexy Roxy and we drank in her lyrics as she enjoyed the last of her buzz that she gained earlier after venturing into the downtown Orlando night spots.


This was merely a very short clip of the verbal roller-coaster ride of a conversation and we hope that you get a laugh out of our unscripted encounter.

Look for much more of these in the days to come along with the usual LanceScurv offerings that are guaranteed to titillate your mind!

Share you comical thoughts on this video and please don’t be shy to say what’s on your mind!

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