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Should Blacks Be Armed To Protect Themselves Against The Police?

The Rev. Samuel Mosteller thinks so and all I’m asking is this really the answer or is it a set up to lead Black people into a race war that would be difficult to “win” when the government and other armed citizens have so much more than us.

Deception runs deep in the United States of Amerikkka and many who claim righteousness are straight up agents of the oppressor!

But what are the answers to the problem of being killed wholesale by those who are there to protect us?

We must take a multifaceted approach to this problem and the first thing that I feel that we must do is to cleanup our own communities without expecting outside help before we do anything else!

Please leave your perspectives in the comment area below. God bless you!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,


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Armed Blacks

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  • Ellis Wallace says:

    Hard to understand many blacks who are anti-gun. They have bought into
    whatever the liberal politicians tells them about the evil of guns. Just
    look at all the anti-gun rhetoric heard by( even black) politicians and
    community activist. Remember it was slave masters who didn’t want blacks
    having guns. Get and train how to safely and properly use a gun.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    There’s no such thing as arming yourself against the police. Unless you wanna die. But I do believe we should arm ourselves. First and foremost against those closest to us and mean us harm and second against whatever may come of the government turning against its own citizens. It’s our second amendment right (allegedly) and I aim to use it.

  • The Realest Blackman on YouTube says:

    Black people say the MOST IGNORANT things. We are not critical thinkers. Blacks killing blacks don’t justify white officers killing innocent black people. We need to stop making stupid illogical statements. Because a husband is beating his wife, so it will be okay for the wife’s boss to beat her ass too? She cannot complain about her boss because her husband is beating her too? We will say anything that we think SOUNDS good no matter how stupid it is when you think about it critically.

  • TheStartrekkid says:

    All black people need guns,bulletproof vest and helmets. Most black people talk and white people are already armed.

  • Brian simpson says:


  • dmw282 says:

    Wow, bitch move bro. Black, white, purple or green, if you’re not a criminal, an idiot and if it is legal for you to do so, own a gun.

  • Mrepifany says:

    *YES blacks should definitely be armed to protect themselves LEGALLY.* Not so much from the police specifically, but from *ANYONE* whether it be white, Hispanic, yellow or black. Statistics shows that *WE* are *OVERWHELMINGLY in far greater danger* of getting killed or victimized by our own people as opposed to white people, or the “the po-po”. I teach gun safety and home defense courses in Atlanta and *GREATLY ENCOURAGE* firearm ownership to all minorities especially *MY PEOPLE.* Where I live ALL THE WHITES are strapped and armed to the teeth. They even carry their guns in the grocery stores, the parks, Starbucks, etc. *Why do you all think its so easy to get black people (black males)in the judicial/penal system? Its for free slave labor AND to LEGALLY DISARM BLACK PEOPLE.*

  • dmw282 says:

    Awesome topic, I’m interested to hear where this goes

  • A Charles says:

    Thats why we need our own so we can police our own

  • Gatta Harmon says:

    I understand

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