Should Bobby Brown Be Able To Attend Whitney Houston’s Funeral? Shut Up and Mind Your Own Damn Business!

Its amazing to witness the emotional tsunami of underlying feelings that exist from the union of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown which reached the point of becoming a marriage that resulted in the birth of their beautiful daughter Bobbi Kristina.

As of this writing I just got the word that Bobby Brown will be attending Whitney’s funeral after all after the speculation and media controversy that dominated the “blogosphere” where most people were passionately split on whether he should be attending her celebration of life or not.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, he should be there and there is absolutely no reason that is good enough as to why he shouldn’t!

Look, no matter what has transpired between Whitney and Bobby in this life they still married each other for better or for worse and the only reason why we are “all up in” their business is because they are/were living their lives in the public eye only because of the star status that they possess.

But if they were your next door neighbor who had the same exact problems covertly under the radar then most of us wouldn’t have a damn thing to say about it at all!

We pretty much would find ourselves peepin’ through the venetian blinds to see what is going on at the first sign of friction in their household and nothing more!

Yes! This is how most of us will do our neighbors who we see everyday yet we will get bent out of shape for a person to whom 99.99 % of you have never known and now will never lay eyes on in this lifetime because of her unfortunate passing!

But I can understand the passion that most people have for Ms. Whitney Houston because unlike that next door neighbor, for the most part we grew up with Whitney and have a great amount of emotions invested in her because of the fact that through her gift of song she has been there with us through the thick and thin phases of our lives!

That fact alone makes the connection to our stars VERY personal.

But for those who feel that Bobby Brown should not attend his ex-wifes funeral really should look a little deeper into what you are thinking. Have you ever thought of how it’s affecting their beautiful daughter Bobbi Kristina to hear all of this dirty speculation being thrown around about her mother and father under the cloud of death?

Come on people!

Bobbi Kristina & Mother Whitney Houston

Have a heart!

Regardless as to WHAT personal connection that you have to Whitney or anger that you may have toward Bobby Brown, they have an innocent daughter who has been thrown into a place where many of us NEVER want to go!

Hell! How about having a little consideration and take some of that gossiping energy as to what should go on in someone ELSE’S personal life and use it to sooth and comfort not only Whitney’s daughter, but her grieving Mother who MUST be going through a heck of a time because as a parent, to see the child that was born from your loins righteously raise up so mightily in the world successfully only to come down to leaving this earth in a situation that most feel was hastened.

Imagine the pain.

So who are WE to even look past the massive distress that they are feeling to nitpick their lives apart over some insignificant trivial matter. Look, it was Whitney and Bobby who laid down together to create their daughter and we weren’t no where around and it didn’t have anything to do with us! Did Whitney and Bobby call up any one of you on the phone to ask you if if they can have sex to make their child?

No child wants to see their parents go through drama and stand against each other. Hasn’t the problems that Whitney and Bobby face together been publicized enough that we can’t step back and allow Whitney’s family and loved ones to have a little peace to try to make sense of a very traumatic time?

But to let it all hang out I feel that Bobby has every right to be at Whitney’s funeral because it is a case of damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. If there was a vote conducted to decide if he should attend and he was voted out of going, he would be reprimanded for not going. If the world said in overwhelming fashion that he should be there and he went, many would say that he is a slime-ball for going.

So let him go so that the memory will be in his daughters head that Daddy was there with me through my tremendous loss. How dare we think that the public opinions that we have of our stars supersede their feelings and private dealings.

Let me ask you this, what kind of circus of a life would YOU have if YOUR every move was amplified like a molecule under a microscope and your personal secrets were made public for an unforgiving condescending world to audit in a manner of self righteousness that no one ever deserved?

I know that I couldn’t even move my mouth to put ANYONE into a cheap category because of the circus like life that I have lived with the self inflicted drama that I have so foolishly put on myself through my bad choices!

But the difference with me and a famous person like Whitney Houston is that I have been allowed through my anonymity to heal and grow and go beyond the constraints of my past mistakes. Even Bobby Brown deserves to have the freedom to write the last chapters of his life as he sees fit and quite possibly might just shock all of us because if the God above gives him a chance like He has given all of us to turn our personal mess of a life around, then the same can happen for Bobby.

And as a person living in a country full of dope addicts and medicated fools in denial, I believe the hate cast out on Bobby Brown is really a deep subconscious thing where we see ourselves through him.



A massive wreck just waiting to happen.

We see our dark side in Bobby and it scares the hell out of us because while he is known for his extreme drug use and abuse, many of us are in the same position but we get our drugs over the counter after getting the “A-Okay” of a prescription from a dope dealing doctor whose only claim to feeling superior is that he deals his drugs to the so called upstanding and affluent in the community under the banner of being legal!

So also know that while the presence of Bobby Brown may have had an even stronger effect to pull her into the world of abuse even more, deep within my heart of hearts I feel that Whitney was deep into drugs long before she even thought about dealing with Bobby. Lord, forgive me if I am wrong but you have to understand how the world of entertainment operates and the sharks that swim in the waters of fame and fortune.

Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston 1994

Too many of us buy into the glossed over imagery that titillates our senses to make us feel as thought that is a life that we want to live but in actuality is a recipe for disaster if one is not spiritually grounded. It can be worse for someone who was RAISED in the church under a praying Mother and knows the way to salvation but has lost her way because of the relentless grip of the negative satanic forces that were determined to devour yet another one of our shining stars and gifts from God.

The bottom line is, only God knows every factor involved in this tragedy and it is NOT for us to play judge and jury with another persons life regardless as to what we may feel. What we need to do aggressively is to look past all of the drama, insinuation and innuendo and work to be the healers for those in pain and do a work that would reflect the love of the almighty Himself!

…….anything less would just be downright demonic.

Let us pray that Whitney got herself right with God before leaving and let US utilize the little time that WE have to learn from this situation to do what is right before WE have to account for all of our transgressions before God’s throne on judgment day.

…….we might be so caught up in Bobby’s past dirt that we miss out on our salvation! Bobby might just make it to Heaven before us and might watch us get thrown into eternal hellfire so be very careful of how you speak.

It ain’t over till it’s over.

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