The Side Piece is a phenomenon that has always been around since committed relationships existed even if it has been referred to by different names. A Side Piece is that person that is involved with someone intimately and knows that their partner is in a committed relationship and must keep their dealings with that spoken for individual from the public eye.

The Side Piece isn’t the only name for the secret individual on the outside of the committed relationship or marriage, throughout history it has had many labels as the other woman, a kept woman, the mistress, secret lover etc. These labels can be interchangeable to fit the men who find themselves in this proximity also.

Sister Terri asks our family of listeners here why would do we have to be Side Pieces? She goes in deep in this one as always as she debunks what was once something that wasn’t viewed as something to the present day’s attitude toward where some actually are proud of it as well its acceptance into society!

We would love to hear your perspectives on Sister Terri’s very powerful thoughts on this topic so please leave your comments below from personal experience or the experiences of others that you have observed and make sure not to censor your passion!

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