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Listen to my conversation with Julia Butler if you have any doubts about signing. Do this for me – LanceScurv – if no other reason and also read her blog article:

It’s the full story about this very frustrating and painful ordeal! We’re not asking for anything but a signature and I beg you ALL to take the 60 seconds to do so!

Read her letter to the public officials below:

Letter to

California State Attorney General Kamala D. Harris

State of California Governor Jerry Brown

United States of America President Obama

Supervising Deputy Attorney General Susan Duncan Lee

Dear Public Officials,

The State of California took my brother’s life away from him for a crime that did not involve murder, child assault, or rape. There was one event, however for what seems to be for dramatic effects, the District Attorney broke the charges up as follows: Conspiracy to Commit Murder -Although no one was actually murdered. 2 Counts of Attempted First Degree Murder, Robbery, Shooting at an occupied vehicle, 2 Counts of Assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury. Special Allegations for tougher punishment: Use of a Fire Arm and Inflict Great Bodily Injury. After being convicted by a mostly all-white jury, my little brother and Aaron Ruff were each sentenced 106 years Plus 3 Consecutive Life Sentences for “crimes that DID NOT INVOLVE MURDER!!!! AND this was his first offense.

Charles E. Johnson Petition Photo
Respectfully, I would like to request that you consider the following facts:

1. My brother is not nor has he ever been a gang member. We grew up in a neighborhood that was considered ghetto but by no choice or control of our own. Most of the people we grew up with all took different paths in life and yes, unfortunately some of them did turn to criminal acts. However Charles did not. Therefore it is UNFAIR and cruel to label someone a ‘Gang Member’ because they happen to live in a gang neighborhood. Please keep in mind that as a teenager Charles had no choice as to where his grandparents who raised him lived.

2. The so called “victims” have signed statements that Charles nor Aaron are the people who attacked them. They further state that the District Attorney coursed, lead and pressured them into testifying against Charles and Aaron. The District Attorney and Detectives used blackmail and other scare tactics to do this according to the victims.

3. There are countless cases in which there where actually a human life taking however the person who was actually convicted for murder has served 20 years are so and are free today. My brother and Aaron have been in prison for 23 years and don’t even have a Parole date.

4. There was a letter written from the Department of Correction stating that the Judge in this case should reconsider his sentencing because “Illegal-Excessive” sentencing occurred.
In my conclusion I would like to call upon your humanity, compassion, and conviction. Don’t you think that 23 years in Prison for the crime of which these two human beings were convicted on should be enough? Since his incarceration Charles has had a stroke and is paralyzed on his right side with a speech impairment. He is unable to participate in any of the Department of Justice Work Programs. If he is given a second chance at life, he has plans to move to Atlanta Georgia with me. I will assist him in becoming acclimated in Society once again. I am adequately employed and able to assist him financially until he is able to get on his feet. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Julia Butler and all Listed Signatures
Please see attached list of those who wants to see fairness and a Second Chance for Charles and Aaron

Julia Butler

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  • Julia Butler says:

    Please listen

  • Paulo Soares says:


  • DRT5000 says:

    I just added my name to the petition. I’ll talk to every pal on Twitter that I can to spread the word… Free Charles E. Johnson! Free Aaron Ruff! Free Marissa Alexander!

  • sztellanora says:

    A nice effort to counteract the money-hoarding materialist values, but it should be noted that we already produce enough food for everyone globally (Source: FAO, WFP), and through contour crafting, we could build simple, cheap-to-maintain homes for everyone as well. The things that stand in the way are disinformation, and our values – those need to be changed.If everyone who learns about this tells this to his/her friends, and all start donating to organizations set out to eliminate starving, while starting to campaign for the recognition of *the right for food* as a basic human right, we could end starving in just a few years. But what’s in it for us? Well, through this new human right, eliminating the stress of losing one’s livelihood.

  • Julia Butler says:

    Tracy you can just click on the link and sign electronic

  • Alana H says:

    I signed! If they’re not caging our brother’s, they’re killing them!

  • Tracy Lesueur says:


  • Julia Butler says:

    Hi Romona, thats what the petition is asking . Can you please spread the word and sign. Share on your Social Media Pages.

  • Shaun Banks says:

    Sign The Petition: Free Charles E. Johnson & Aaro…:

  • Ramona Carver says:

    @Mona46Lisa1963 Our people and our pastors need to wake up. I wonder has she started a petition on She may get better response. Depending on our people is a lost cause.

  • Ramona Carver says:

    @Mona46Lisa1963 Our people and our pastors need to wake up. I wonder has she started a petition on She may get better response. Depending on our people is a lost cause.

  • Ramona Carver says:

    This is a darn shame. She should ask the President for clemency on behalf of her brother

  • Ramona Carver says:

    This is a darn shame. She should ask the President for clemency on behalf of her brother

  • LanceScurv says:
  • >