Since YOU Can’t Let That Sweet Addiction Go, Stop Blaming The Devil For YOUR Bad Choices!

I’ve learned in this lifetime that certain situations that you’ve experienced can look very different to you as the years go by because of the addition of the new circumstances that have been added into the pool of your subconscious mind.

If you’ve lived any amount of life you will understand what I am saying to be the truth. Certain events that have transpired in your life that may have appeared to be so bad or may have made someone come off like an evil person to you now have turned around because of the perspective that the passage of time and the subsequent awakenings that accompany it.

As far as I am concerned, people are energy, and you have two types of energy that will dominate the inner core of the people around you. Positive and negative. That’s it. And please do not bring to me this crap about a person being neutral or having a neutral energy about them. That’s a big lie! As I’ve mentioned before in a previous YouTube video upload of mine, neutrality is negativity in disguise.

We all as spiritual beings that are negative or positive at our core must lean toward one or the other type of category bar none. It’s just that we have people around us who are so balanced in their demeanor that the negativity that lurks within their soul is undetectable to the naked eye but can be quite evident for one who is equipped properly by walking in the spirit. When one is “neutral, when the winds of negativity begin to blow it is only just a matter of time before they take on the characteristics of the atmosphere around them. They have absolutely no “positive covenant” in their walk that will help them resist what easily permeates into their being. So as far as I am concerned their neutrality is even WORSE than one who is obviously negative based because like a Trojan Horse they will sneak up on you without causing you to have any red flags go up before turning on you in the most surprising of ways.

So as I’ve said it before and will say it again, always test the spirit of those who are around you, not once or twice but constantly because if they are not a proven energy in your life then they will always be suspect. These are just my thoughts on this issue.

On another note I have to say that I can truly see that what may have been important to me yesterday just might not be as important to me today as I find myself evolving as a spiritual being over and above anything that I have experienced before and I am loving it.

I once had a gentleman say to me many years ago that the older that I get, the more I would value the time that I spend in meditation alone to myself even more so.

It’s true, and to add to what Mr. Julius told me that day I must say that I love it also! My downtime is what makes me the high energy person that I am when I am enjoying the company of those select few around me. I am not a recluse but will always vehemently guard my quiet time because it is the source of my mental and spiritual strength. It is when I have a chance to weed out who are not the edifying people in my life as well as planning how to utilize my personal energies in a more effective manner.

The things that use to bedazzle me long ago don’t do a thing for me at all in the present time and probably never will anymore as I look back on all of the time that I’ve wasted without anything to show for it. How terrible!

This is why I do not miss certain individuals who have been banished from my life because their activities are not the type of endeavors that any good will come out of. While it is not just about the activities that they indulge in – because I do miss them to a certain degree – but I also am responsible for my own achievements, life and salvation also as the only one who will have to face judgement and regrets later on in my life is myself and my poor choices will not be on the minds of others after they have long moved on with their own confused hedonistic agenda.

These entities who now rent precious space in your life literally ruin your efficiency to perform at your peak and will hinder you from realizing those signature highlight moments that are so challenging to achieve even when all of your personal systems (Mental, physical and spiritual) are working at their peak.

Don’t do it to yourself trying to be nice to these energy draining folks who can’t even get their own act together or maintain any type of basic stabiltiy in their lives, they will only clog you up with their madness.

If you have a goal to achieve, then you MUST go for it relentlessly and move freely not only in the physical and mental realm, but also in the spirit world.

You see, your spirit when in tune with God’s purpose, will always alert you in the most urgent of manners when there is something not right in your immediate vicinity or with someone who appears to be a nice person but is not deep down inside. This was always one of my abilities that always worked 100% of the time but failed not because IT failed, but because I failed in my connection to it.

The times that I got “caught up” in foolishness was when my guard was down and had one foot in the world of carnality which in fact “blocked” my ability to see what was so obvious to many others who saw what I was unable to see.

Thank God that He pulled me out of many potential disasters miraculously and looking back I can see why He salvaged the mess that has be my life because He had a bigger purpose for me to fulfill for Him as I am in my destiny doing what I do right now.

There are so many people who are literally floored when they see the beauty of what was always inside of my but was never manifest because of the mess that I was known for indulging in that eclipsed my growth for so long. I was very frustrated for many years because I knew how much life that I had inside of me to share yet didn’t realize that I was my own worse enemy in blocking that very things that I so desperately wanted to manifest and blossom.

Know that we ALL have seeds of greatness and beauty inside of us but most times we must reposition ourselves slightly our banish a few people away from us in order for our potential to become reality. Remember, potential is only that. Potential. Nothing more or nothing less. Because if we believe that we don’t have to strive hard to become successful merely from the fact that we have potential then we will join the long list of failures who have fallen by the wayside because of their lack of movement toward their specific goals on the spirit level.

Life is movement. Life is righteous struggle. When you are a spiritual warrior, you crave the edifying battles that will bring you one more step closer to your personal perfection, which I might add, will NEVER be reached but will always will have enough space to move toward because their is only one perfect being in the universe and that is the God above.

So when you see someone who is NOT “moving” toward a goal or a particular ideal in their life, then you must leave them alone. And remember, there are people who talk a great game but once placed on the gamefield of life never produce because their entire existence was all about looking like the real thing and not being the real thing!

They will seduce you into their madness by telling you of the great achievements in their life but offer absolutely not one shred of proof that will back their claims up. One should never toot their on horn but whenever anyone doubts my body of work I merely tell them to “Google Me!” LOL! Google is the enemy to those who are living in a dreamworld and want you to believe it on face value! So if in doubt merely Google them by putting their information in the searchbox and either watch their claims get validated or watch their bubble get busted!

And if the truth be told, it is a damn shame that we have to go through such trouble or jump through the hoops that we do in order to validate the energies around us but I will tell you that it is a mandatory necessity that you do so! Do not take anything or anyone on face value anymore and into your inner circle because that can be the death of you!

If you are a hard working efficient goal oriented person please do not assume that everyone around you is merely because they say so! I have learned time after time again and even several times within recent months that many people will straight up lie in order to impress you enough to get next to you in order to validate their fraudulent pasts to a new set of gullible achievers so that they can look good from a shine that they never created. These types of individuals can NEVER stand alone on their own achievements as they will always name drop or speak of connections that they had that never existed in the first place.

When they see that there is no system of validation, checks and balances in your demeanor that will straight up question them on their authenticity, they will move right on in boldly to go for the jugular in order to usurp YOUR hard earned resources for their selfish self serving agenda!

As you can see, this thing runs so deep and I can speak on it without stopping because the spiritual wickedness that I have been exposed to runs deep and I have absolutely no problem with sharing those experiences in order to possibly save you from having any regrets from the lost time that is sure to come from your encounters with these spiritual vampires!

They see the light in you and they are drawn to it NOT because of the good that it will cause them to do but for the bad that they can inflict on others while standing in YOUR righteous light that covers their darkness! Never forget that!

While we all will suffer the roadblocks and frustrations that this life is sure to bring in the pursuit of our goals, when you witness someone who ALWAYS has the same issues going on in their life year after year you have got to ask yourself what is it that THEY are doing to allow this negative energy to flow so freely into their lves and do YOU want to adopt this legacy into yours?

Many times those individuals have refused to let certain things go out of their lives and will outwardly blame “demon spirits” when in fact they are the only demon spirit that has been opening the door to the hell that has now taken residence up in their lives!

The devil ain’t THAT bad now! We have got to take responsibility for our actions and stop copping out by claiming that an outside entity MADE us do things because upon further investigation if you are hinest about it, it is something that YOU did to open the door to causing this energy to becoming a stronghold in your life.

The bottom line is that bad energies can come wrapped in great looking and sounding packages, and if we are so caught up in the surface we will get duped out of our peace of mind and righteous ascension everytime. Leave those people alone immediately without explanation because not one more minute of your life is guaranteed and youjust might need that time to secure the salvation that you will need to live for an eternity on the next level! Don’t through it all away on a damn demon spirit who can sound so good quoting Holy Scripture better than you ever could because hell is full of spirits that know God’s word in and out! You can take this truth or leave it alone! Let me here from you!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,


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