Sister Blacknificent was raised in a loving tight knit community where everyone showed love and support. This was a case of her being sheltered but she loved it when the memories of her childhood floods her thoughts. Everything was just so beautiful but when her Father re-entered her life with the promise of a better existence living in Canada she jumped on the opportunity and felt that she made a great move at her young age. Her Father guided her and instructed her on the life issues that she would surely soon encounter as a young Lady approaching those sometimes awkward teen years and she was so grateful that she had such a wonderful loving concerned Father.

Things simply couldn’t be any better and she felt that he life was as pristine of a gift as any one else. That is, until her Father entered her room to take her teddy bear and make the usual demand for her to follow him if she wanted her teddy bear returned. What subsequently happened would abruptly change her life trajectory in a manner that she couldn’t have anticipated in her wildest dreams…….she is here to tell her story baring all as she is on a mission to help those who found themselves as a victim of a twisted soul and to encourage them to know that they too can stand victorious not being judged by the destructive behavior that most who suffer sexual abuse indulge in.

Sister Blacknificent is a living testimony that you too can overcome to live a full life no matter how severe the trauma. Listen in intently and do feel free to leave your perspectives in the comment areas below. Thank you so much for stopping by and know that you are appreciated beyond measure.

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