Sisters Healing with Harp Therapy: A Compelling Interview with Sister Sudan Muhammad

Today we speak with Sister Sudan Muhammad, the founder and creator of Sisters Healing with HARP Therapy.

Listen in to hear what her personal mission is as a Mother of several talented children who have so unselfishly shared their abilities to uplift the world around them and why it is imperative that we SUPPORT her work by giving generously to Sisters Healing with HARP Therapy!

Enjoy this very real conversation with this morally upright Woman who has down an impeccable job raising her children and has created a magazine that she wants to share with everyone who seeks inspiration in their personal endeavors.

While many people merely speak of building a righteous nation, Sister Sudan Muhammad has an undisputed TRACK record in doing just that. She is a homeless advocate, activist, caretaker to the abandoned as well as simply being that person to whom you can lend an ear to during those challenging times of crisis.

Please leave your perspectives to the work of Sisters Healing with Harp Therapy and Sister Sudan Muhammad in the comment area below.

Thank you for taking the TIME to listen and may God bless you!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



Sisters Healing With Harp

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  • Vontonio Johns says:

    This recording was a real blessing. Real nourishment for the soul. I listened to it several times at work and I look forward to hearing more from sister Muhammad. Thank you for this! Thank you.

  • Kiesha Muhammad says:

    Sisters Healing with Harp Therapy: A Compelling Interview with Sister Su…:

  • Kiesha Muhammad says:

    Thank you for sharing

  • Tarver S. says:

    Inceredible show, I listened on sound cloud Sir. Great uploads.

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