Slavery in Libya: The Darfur 23 Emergency Conference Call!

A group of 23 Africans in America visited Darfur on a fact-finding mission. We returned astonished about the lies and misinformation in the western press…so we created the Darfur 23 to tell the story of what we saw with our own eyes. Today’s episode probes into what is truly happening with Slavery in Libya and what the so called mainstream media refuses to acknowledge and reveal. Please visit our site @

Moderator: Malik Aziz – Darfur 23

L Kimara Muhammad- Darfur 23
Art Mobley- Darfur 23
Mauri’ Saalakhan – Human Rights Activist
Minister Akbar Muhammad – International & African Representative to the Nation Of Islam

Our dialogue starts at the 3:05 mark of this video…….

Slavery in Libya: Darfur 23 Emergency Conference Call!

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