Smallpox In The Blankets Yesterday/ Poison Beats In The MP3 Headphones Today: A Culture Laced With Death!

Group Home – Supa Star

A phenomenon is sweeping the world in epidemic proportions and is going literally unnoticed as we celebrate the acknowledged achievements of our so called African-American musicians, singers, actors, members of the Hip-Hop community and ALL creative factions of our culture!

We as a people are actually celebrating an “imposter culture”that has been “morphed” into something deadly to our well being that has been hijacked for someone elses diabolical purposes and laced with a poisonous agenda that for the most part is so sweet to our unaware tastebuds and “feels” so good to our souls that are “starving for true spiritual nourishment!”

We as a people are so hungry for true culture that someone with ulterior motives has figured it out and found a way to manipulate what we THINK is so near and dear to us in order to gain control over our very heart and soul!

True culture is the thread that holds a people together in strong unity. To unravel and slowly destroy that particular culture of an entire people in an undetectable fashion renders them helpless to a foreign motive as we would be much like a marionette puppet doing a dance to someone else’s twisted tune!

Many of us have no idea how important true culture is to preserving the soul of a people. It is so huge a binding factor that absolute strangers behave as lifelong friends after they discover they too share a mutual love for the similar foods, music and unique ways of living, we almost automatically consider them a lifelong friend because of the common thread of culture!

How powerful a word!

There are no hard set rules to this thing called culture but when you see your particular culture manifested in any creative form it is felt deep down in every fiber of ones being!

A proud feeling…….

A feeling that makes one want to yell out and say to the world that “Its a part of me up their onstage” while that superstar singer wows the crowd to the brink of ecstasy while the whole planet watches in awe to a particular cultural song.

It’s like having a big brother who can beat up every threatening schoolyard bully on the playground, everyone knows that you are part of something much bigger………

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a cultural feeling about race, it could be that proud feeling that one gets when their local high school football team “wins the BIG one” by winning a citywide tournament and YOUR kid was the star…….

……..then you buy up ALL of the local papers that has your child’s name in it!

It’s a minor celebration of a life that you are very much involved in and connected to.

Big or small, it doesn’t matter because the feeling is JUST the same!

Look at the national pride of the Philippine people when their World  Boxing Champion, Manny Pacquiao, stacks up overwhelmingly impressive win after overwhelmingly impressive win over the best opponents the planet has to offer as he cements not only his own personal legacy as an all time boxing great but as a hero to all Philippine people who want to strive beyond the limitations set down in the world by others who wouldn’t think that someone from out of their inner circle could achieve such greatness in ANY arena in this life!

Every race, color and creed has enjoyed the feeling of having something worthwhile to offer the entire human family, something useful for all to benefit from while enabling the supplying culture with a reason to stand tall and garner worldwide respect for its uniqueness.

So for something so binding, so life giving, so important to us to be threatened with extinction  we must make all efforts to preserve the soul of our existence through the regular celebration and teaching of our culture!

Why is it that we, as the stolen Black people who have been kidnapped to the northern hemisphere and sprinkled all over the Caribbean islands as well as South America and beyond, speak on the preservation of our historic ways and rituals someone feels threatened at the very thought of this?

Someone has the nerve to be threatened when it is WE who have absolutely NO connection to our forefathers in a specific way like others do who can trace back their heritage back as the numerous generations preceding their conception!

You know the well spoken word of those bold enough to state how we do not have our true religion, name, culture and our GOD! By now it sounds to many like an annoying television jingle or rap hook line but when you really take the time to investigate it, it is the absolute TRUTH, yet no one has a solution to OUR dilemma!

I think its wonderful when a Mexican family celebrates their unique contributions to the worlds dining table through its hot and spicy culinary delights!

How about those French wines that are oh so delicious tasted in moderation with ones dinner?

What about those old world Italian stone masons, who have mastered their craft to the point where very few can duplicate the beauty, charm and durability of their creations with family secrets passed down through the generations?

The Native Americans have taught those who hijacked this land how to survive its very broad terrain from the coldest peaks of the Appalachian mountains to the snake filled swamps of Louisiana to the jungle-like mosquito and alligator  infested flats of Florida not to forget the Arizona desert as well as tornado plagued sections of the plains of the Midwest!

Yet even those who are Native Americans even though they are sadly packed up like sardines on a reservation, still remarkably have some of their culture to hold on to. You can’t go ANYWHERE in this country without seeing a street sign with a Native American inspired name! What type of demonically possessed beast would kill off millions upon millions of innocent people who were peaceful and only wanted to live as brothers with the white man, welcoming him with open arms in ONE of the most awesome and betrayed unconditional displays of love EVER displayed in history! And for their love they were given smallpox in their blankets……..

Now it’s done to our youth right in their headphones and MP3 players…………

Think about it…….


Y’all warmed up now?

Now I’m throwing the real punches…….

Here it goes, take it or leave it alone…………

I must say that I am overjoyed by the intellectually stimulating responses from my truth seeking Black Planet family of ALL colors that make me so proud, deep in the belly of my soul from the validation of feelings that I have walked with for so long and for the most part was made to feel like an outcast for those who walked the cowardly walk in order to hold on to their jobs or positioning while I was made to feel like a nutcase!

So if you are not thinking out of the box right now, understand that I might sound like a crazy man to you, but if truth be told, if YOU feel as though I am crazy, then YOU are in actuality the crazy one because I KNOW what I SEE in this life and I know my third eye will never lie to me!


Flow with me……..

For some reason (I know the reason, but that is ANOTHER blog topic!) we have been under the attack ever since we’ve arrived to these shores. Every demonic trick of the oppressive trade has been inflicted on us and we have come back STRONG each and everytime much to the dismay of those in power who are afraid of our rise BACK to our throne! We may have our issues, but STILL we rise! Love ya’ Maya!

What is NOT taught in our public schools of indoctrination is that we are the root of the human family and when we once again hold the reigns of power, our righteous, loving and just nature will not allow us to rule with the devilish mind that has been the norm for the last few thousand years on this earth.

In order to thwart our development as the people of God, the VERY thing that we drew strength from that was the backbone in getting us through slavery HAD to be altered and “spiked” so that we would be pulled off course from our divine destiny.

What is this that I am speaking of?


And while we may not have retained our original culture from over across the Atlantic Ocean, we at least had a very powerful makeshift/hybrid culture made up of the snippets of original song and dance just as well as those POWERFUL Negro spirituals that we sung “oh so emotionally” while the slave masters whip cracked our backs……..

As the years slowly went by and we as a people had to take ten punches to land our one blow, it was evident that we were not going anywhere. Every time one of our bold outspoken leaders where killed, lynched, snuffed, stabbed or shot, someone else was on the horizon to speak truth to power and inspire us into holding on and fighting the good fight as we made the world a better place for the next generation to come.

In my deepest observations, I compared this phenomenon to a person who consumes too much bad toxic food and gets surprised that they have a pimple popping up on their face! You see if the person didn’t do their body wrong by eating those unacceptable foods, they wouldn’t have the issue of having to deal with those unwanted skin eruptions!

Well guess what?

Every time this United States of America committed (Consumed) “bad” deeds that were immoral and unjust, God sends those who are the downtrodden a leader and a voice to be a warning to those who abuse their very temporary and unrighteous power! They will say that the words of this leader is classic reverse racism (What a sick term!) or at one time would label them a communist, but none the less, this leader was as welcome to this country as was that pimple on the face of a young high school girl as she was on her way to preparing for the school prom!

But if the system was a just system, it wouldn’t have to produce the leader to signal that something was wrong with the system in the first place! Everyone would be happy and there would be NO unrest!


Here we are in the age of technological advances far beyond what we have ever thought was possible! We revel in our “toys” and are so caught up in the entertainment that they bring about, that we are distracted from the reality of what is transpiring right under our noses!

When our clever oppressor witness the power of the old school Hip Hop culture and how it could affect POSITIVELY the thinking of our youth/soldiers, something HAD to be done to control the unifying voice of a culture that had now transcended it’s inner city urban boundaries and had permeated not only into suburban white and rural areas of this country called the United States, but to every single continent on the planet and with GREAT force!

So while for the most part corporate Amerikkka wanted NO part of anything of color on THEIR airwaves (Remember back in the early eighties how Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Sade etc. broke down the color barrier at MTV? Don’t believe me? Ask anybody from that time who can remember!), they did notice the movement of young urban Black music taking over and while it was purely driven by greed to get on this new “fad”, they knew that before things got out of line where the people of the world would unite behind the teachings of rap groups like Public Enemy, X-Clan,  & Krs-One to name a few, that they had to counteract this new conscious movement that in many ways resembled the militant movements of the sixties!

Oh NO! They couldn’t have that!

Something must be done to stop this righteous awakening and readjusted feeling of purpose in the people!

So how do you spell GANGSTA RAP?

Mind you, this wasn’t just a “rap” thing, there are parallels in all categories and endeavors in the creative pursuits that had their similar takeovers, I am speaking of only one aspect of a complete culture for brevity sake, but this mindset of culture takeover was prominent EVERYWHERE! I personally witnessed and absorbed this transpiring with my own very “Third Eye!”

So! While the crack epidemic flourished, supported by the rise of the AIDS virus, the timing was PERFECT to infuse the minds of the downtrodden people of the world with a culture leeched of it’s goodness and replaced with a reinforced/replaced subconscious mission statement to cause the people to turn away from the sweetness of the righteous aspect of our culture to the engineered aspects that were amplified to exalt irresponsible sexual behavior (The 2 Live Crew) killing, drug dealing and self hate (N.W.A.) as well as other forms of so called entertainment that had us who were not spiritually grounded to become a fine example of LIFE IMITATING ART!

Every year it got worse and worse, we had groups like B-I-T-C-H-E-S With Problems and H-O-E-S With Attitudes titillate our youngsters to new heights of sexual degradation making all evil fare seeming! Where once it was the norm to hold your head high with a Black Pride that was reinforced by a positive culture now our young girls looked UP to the celebrities who were supposed to be role models in the media who carried on publicly like cheap whores and pimps. Even the word “PIMP” became a mainstream word that somehow means something good or to improve upon.

“Pimp my ride” anyone?

Well here we are at the end of the year 2009 and the power of LIFE IMITATING ART still is in full force! Whatever the corporate Illuminati entities deem to be the next fad or rage for our people, all they have to do is to dump millions into a campaign of “star building” (There are a whole lot of Lil Wayne wannabees out here!) by repetitiously dominating the media outlets, television, radio, internet and billboards with images of what the new style is and we like the trained monkeys we have become, run out to imitate what we see blasted into our brains.

It makes me wonder it were publicized to be the latest style for men to wear a garter belt, lace stockings, some stiletto heels and an Army jacket with a bright neon colored “clown” wig, how many of our Brothers would be the first in line at the neighborhood mall’s Victoria’s Secret and later to the Military Uniform shop for a mix and match of fashion that would surely signal to the world that we have lost our D-A-M-N minds! HELL! We are already walking around with our a-s-s-e-s on display with our pants down to our knees! The baaty boys (If you don’t know what that means then e-mail me and I will tell you! Lol!) must be in HEAVEN like a fat man at the all-you-can-eat restaurant!

When the threat of a Rap group like Public Enemy and others came along, the image of a socially conscious, upstanding and aware Black man who loved himself, his family as well as the WHOLE human family but would not take any crap from NO ONE including his own wayward Brothers just WASN’T acceptable. Especially with the power of the internet really showing and flexing it’s muscles with the election of President Barack Obama who in hindsight admitted that the internet was a major component to his victory.

So the hijack of a beautiful budding culture is ON! Nipped in the bud and it truly hurts me to see my own Black people say that rap music is just NO good! Well, let me correct you with a humble spirit……..

Please say that CORPORATE RAP music is NO good because it serves the agenda of those who do not want to see the rise of the next generation of warriors for truth and Godliness as the oppressor KNOWS that we are in a different time period in history and the divine SHIFT has already begun! His world is coming down financially, his true character is being revealed and he is paying for the spiritual wickedness that has reach levels comparable to the hottest pits of hell itself! Now he is attempting to frighten you with his propaganda movies like 2012 but know this Sisters and Brothers, you have absolutely NOTHING to worry about! It is soon time to rejoice! And if you know what I know, this horrific shift will only benefit you and I and put us exactly where we should be as it has been prophesied a long long time ago!

So my advice to everyone is to carefully siphon and filter what we inject into our minds because the war is on as there have been so many demons released from the pits of hell as satan KNOWS that his time is up and he is making one last frantic grab at devouring as many souls as he possibly can and the high tech hijacking of our culture has been a VERY successful and cost effective way for him to invest his demonic energy!

And I must say that I am surely not done with this topic and will continue even MORE in depth in the weeks to come!

Let me know what you think………

Until next time, stay on POINT!

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