Smelling Like Urine In The Afterlife Because You Pissed In The Bathwater Of This World!

How can anyone expect to piss in the bathwater that is this world & not expect to smell like urine in the afterlife during judgement?

You can never get away with any wrongdoing on this plane of existence because all reality is tied together in an unseen mighty delicate way!

Rejoice when one does you wrong, because your way will be cleared when you really need it as the rebate check of justice comes your way!

How foolish we are to believe that there are no physical repercussions for the spiritual transgressions committed in such a carefree manner!

We call for our own doom by possessing such wickedly filthy spirits that cause the earth to react by cleansing us away in the physical!

Those were just a few of my thoughts that I had flowing through me as I woke up this morning after the sweetest deepest slumber that one could imagine having. My mind is always full of deeply righteous thoughts that have been piling up like the vehicles bottle-necking in the rush hour traffic of a big metropolis possessing passengers who are hellbent on doing the impossible by getting to work on time.

This is why having a peaceful environment at home where one can enter the conscious world without distraction or stress is very important to ones creative flow. It’s almost as if my God gives me orders on what I am to share in my own way upon awakening, it’s like that beautiful table set for you on a Sunday morning before service with the wonderful breakfast made to fuel you body for the next few hours until lunch, it’s given to you.

So while many may wonder where do my more righteous thoughts come from I have to say that I am merely a vehicle or an empty vessel of a lightning rod for those things to flow through me for whoever needs them. There would be no other way that I could manufacture the sheer volume of expressions on my own unless I am the small tool guided by someone much bigger than I.

That being said, it washed over my brain this morning that there is so much to this creation that we live in that we could never embrace and understand all of it in a lifetime It’s simply too deep and vast for our consciousness to figure out. What we need to do in order to truly enjoy it is to stop trying to figure everything about it out and merely submit to the obvious laws held within it and simply enjoy this ride that is life.

Does a child at the amusement park refuse to get on a ride until he figures out the mechanical laws that drive that ride and put it into motion? NO! That child already knows that everything has been taken care of for him/her to enjoy that ride because at that point in life it was created by one who had more intelligence and knowledge than they did.

You see, we as the arrogant human beings that we are, we move about this paradise of a planet as though we are the authors of it all and that we are above all things crafted by God’s hand in a manner that we don’t have to respect it.

Yes, we are the beings with the highest minds on the planet with the ability to think over and above all other living things but what makes us so special that we don’t have to respect the divine order that we all are placed into?

It’s the same spirit and mentality that will make a crooked cop feel as though he or she is not subject to submitting to the same laws that they are commissioned to uphold, after a time a disaster will surely unfold.

For it is THAT same wicked unclean spirit that makes us feel as though we are not accountable for the things that we put into motion on this planet and in this life without the consequences for doing so.


The wise of us understand that this world as we see it and experience it is tied into the spirit world and afterlife and if we can just filter out the carnal distractions of this world we can get a great jump start into the things unseen that are yet to come.

We all have the ability to actually “see” what is around the corner from us in our life events, but we have handicapped our own vision by shunning the use of all of the other gears of intuition except the physical. The physical tells you absolutely nothing of what is transpiring on the spiritual plane and this is why time after time we get ripped off and taken for a ride because we got caught up in how convincing someone appeared without listening to that voice from the inside that we’ve learned to ignore.

And the deadly by product of ignoring that voice is eternal damnation because we were too distracted to see the bigger lessons in creation by the smaller lessons embedded in the simple daily happenings of our life.

It’s like a favorite saying of mine that I once picked up in a book a long time ago stating that “intuition is the vision of the third eye.” I’ve found this out to be true. Most of us are running through this life on our own ability to assess a situation without meditating deeply enough to maintain a connection with that higher power which will empower us to see the deadly situations coming to us and therefore allowing us to make a properly informed assessment to not get caught up by a bad choice.

But us in our stubborn ways we refuse to heed all warnings that will ultimately keep us out of harms way to foolishly go about swimming in these shark infested waters all on our own and ALWAYS with disastrous results.

So we have got to know that there are always cues given to us before we take the next step in whatever endeavors that we choose to embark on, but we just have to take the time to be still and allow that righteous voice to whisper in our ears away from these insignificant distractions that are placed there to keep us from hearing our God.


Once we are unable to hear that guiding voice, we are left on our own and are literally guaranteed to exude a spirit that is not of God because of our disconnection We will feel that because we CALL ourselves a God fearing person that THAT is all that is needed to get one into Heaven as we treat those amongst us who are our brothers and sisters as something below us whose purpose is to serve our cause only instead of helping each other.

Once we find ourselves in this state of being it will be easy to borrow money from someone without feeling as though we have to pay it back or to sleep with our best friends mate because of the confession given to you in confidence that let you know that your friend just couldn’t seem to be able to satisfy their mate the way they craved.

We have marked ourselves these days to the point where anyone who has an intimate relationship and intense inner walk with God can see right through you and read your life back to you like a cheap novel because “real always recognizes all things fraudulent!”

…….so understand that it should never come as a surprise when you find yourself in that swimming pool of life all by yourself  pissing in the water with no one around. You can fool many in this world but the unrepentant stench of your divine transgressions cannot fool that ultimate judge who knows all that you hide.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,



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