Snuffing Out Your Oppressor – The Ultimate Revolutionary Getback!

If you had to snuff out your immediate oppressor then who might that be? I receive all kinds of e-mail messages from people trying to school me on who my enemy and exploiter is when in fact I know who it is better than they can tell me from the comfort of their easy chair and privileged life.

This never ceases to amaze me.

How can someone who has never walked in my shoes tell me what my journey has been like as though they have traveled it?

Then they want to tell me that what I am feeling is merely a perception and not a reality! Get the hell out of here!

If they want to tell me that I have not been oppressed in this life then allow me to start snuffing out those who directly oppress me and watch how fast the talk changes.

Now allow me to inform you that because of my mindset I do not feel oppressed at all because I know who I am in this world and know why those in power will work so hard to pull the rug from under the feet of a Black man like myself because of the fact that it’s guys like myself who cause revolutions.

The powers that be look hard over the horizon for any influential voice on the rise that can mobilize that powerful sleeping giant to come against them and claim by any means what is their God given right in this gift of a lifetime.

The problem is that most of the time that charismatic voice who has the ability to inspire those who listen to disengage from being controlled is usually discredited or smeared in their character in order to snatch their credibility in the eyes of the people and therefore rendering any potential movement ineffective.

When your exploiter knows that the people who they have control over are beginning to listen to you it won’t be long before they send someone to join up with you in order to break the movement from within.

This has always been one of their most successful tactics over the years with the many strong movements that has threatened the satanic grip that they’ve had on their lives.

But there is definitely a way around this that many don’t want you to know…….

It must be understood that only God has the ability to hear your deepest thoughts as they are flowing through your mind. Satan doesn’t.

This is a very important fact to remember and it is also Biblical although I am at a loss right now to tell you where to find it.

I mean, I spoke about this very thing in older blogs of mine but not in the context of this article.

Satan only has the ability to whisper thoughts into your head that you will feel originated from you! He will seduce you gently. He will attempt to appeal to you on the level of your lower desires and he will provide you with the twisted spiritual lies for you to justify your transgressions arrogantly to walk proud in the things that piss God off.

So in order to not get your movement infiltrated and compromised, MOVE ALONE! You will never get sold out when you are a lone-wolf revolutionary who is liable to strike in ANY fashion at any time!

Remember that. It drives them crazy trying to figure out your next move!

So why bother to change the way that these lost souls think who probably may never be connected to any progressive movement you may ask…….

Well, it is the mission that some of us were put here to do!

Just like some of the oppressors children will set up the very profitable programs to go into a poor African nation to help feed the hungry children that have flies flying around their face on a commercial that was engineered to have a tear jerking effect on you, yet they wouldn’t DARE speak out against the leeching, raping and stealing that their relative oppressors do to gain control of that same nations precious resources for their own selfish profit!

Don’t bother cutting off a branch if you want to chop down the tree!

Get to the root if you want to remove the tree! The root of that problem are those who have no souls and seek to take from a people what God has blessed then with in order to have something profitable to offer the world!

But since in their eyes we are not worthy enough and “below” them, we are not supposed to have anything more than them as they seek to be a god beside God Himself!

This is really the real problem that the world oppressors have and it has destroyed the entire world! They cannot move peacefully amongst the many cultures of the planet without attempting to inflict their warlike mindset on them unprovoked. Where ever they have gone on the planet they have destroyed what was there for hundreds if not thousands of years because of their sickness. Then they will try to justify why being warlike is natural and that it is the way of progress. Only a damn demon would try and justify killing and exploiting God’s children and this is why he has the problems in his economy and internal affairs right now!

Karma is a bitch!

But in the meantime while our enemy attempts to kill, destroy and leech our life force from us there are certain specific things that we must do:

……and for those government agencies who tirelessly comb through my blog in order to find anything that would be considered condemning or damning against me that could cause my incarceration because it sounds like a threat think again!

I “ain’t” THAT stupid!

I will officially say that while I believe in the full range of force is necessary in revolution, I don’t believe you are that much of a threat where I would have to pick up a firearm to defeat you nor would I encourage anyone to play a dangerous game for which you are totally equipped and would damn sure love to play.

But to snuff out your oppressor is something that I encourage everyone to do no matter what end of the totem pole from which they stand or whereever they find themselves in the broad spectrum of life!

You must understand that no matter what your background, culture or race, if you stand for righteousness then you will always be targeted for termination in his system as you just won’t fit into his wicked order because of the very faith, standing and morals that you possess in great abundance!

So you must be snuffed out!

Snuffed out from a good job!

Snuffed out from fair health care!

Snuffed out from becoming financially independent as he always wants you to be dependent on him so he can control you. Snuffed out by the wicked diseases that he has used against you by the uncontrollable lusts that he arouses from within you on his wickedly crafted television programs. And snuffed out from receiving eternal life because you settled for a watered down cheap existence that will vaporize in a few short carnal decades and could never compare to an eternity!

And you thought this system loved you huh?

So how do we snuff our oppressor?

We kill him every time to let sperm hit egg while being fully prepared as adults to stick by that child to nurture him/her into a fully independent God fearing human being that will replenish the earth in a way pleasing to our creator!

We slay him every time we reject the propaganda of mind control that is laced in these filthy programs that we have allowed to slip past our mental barriers u checked in the past. We weaken his hold on our mind by ingesting this filth no more!

We snuff him by building our own independent schools for our children to raise a mighty and wise people that will claim back our communities for a righteous cause and not merely a profitable money machine for a people who care not for us.

We snuff the enemy by ceasing to utilize anything of his in the form of services to support our own who have been rejected and laid off by him to employ those people handsomely for the vast work at hand that is needed in our communities.

We kill the devil every time we show our Sisters maximum respect when even they don’t show themselves respect because of being misled and exploited because of the pain that they felt time after time from the disappointment of being rejected, used and abused by our misled Brothers who were ignorant to the truth. Mass healing is necessary and it must be done first with our Sister/Queens in a solvent of love then spread out to the rest of our world for an astounding metamorphosis!

We slaughter our oppressor by sending him out of our communities by rejecting the poisons that he peddles to us in the form of dope, liquor, cigarettes, crack, heroin, mescaline, ecstasy, methamphetamines, weed and the entire scope of substances that are prepared for you to coax you to escape reality because of the pain that you feel from having your wings clipped from non-productivity and moving into the mindset of transforming your reality aggressively by facing the issues that we have head on looking it square in the eye!

As you can see there are many fronts from which we can defeat our common enemy just as much as there is a lot of work to be completed.

No matter where you find yourself in this status conscious world, you can always improve and you do have an important and crucial contribution to make on this earth and NEVER allow anyone to make you feel as though you are unimportant!

Everyone is important at this time of great cosmic change and supernatural shift because if we immediately “take out” the very exploiters who are right above us no matter who they are then the world would be heaven on earth just as swiftly as one can snap their finger or pull that righteous trigger!

Believe that! So take your positions on the rooftops of these wicked structures as the necessary sharpshooters for freedom and wait for your command to attack!

There is a reason why you were never told about the great Nat Turner in your history class…….

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