So You Call Yourself A Hustler????

A Hustler?

That’s what you call yourself? You sit up at night getting your inspiration by watching a Scarface DVD and a few music videos and now you think you’ve got what it takes to rule the underworld?

Why would anyone in their right mind seek to indulge in such an endeavor that is so dead end such as selling drugs ilegally?

Why is it so cool to glorify a lifestyle where the result is death or incarceration?

Have you no other positive options in life?

Is your thinking that narrow minded that you feed into the images presented to you on the mind control box called television that you go out and emulate what you see like a trained monkey?

Yes I said it, a trained monkey!

But at least a monkey is only acting and being what God made it to be:


But what about you? Why would someone who is deemed to be God’s best creation be so comfortable in being a mere monkey?


Real hustlers make something out of nothing by using righteous principle to manifest a new reality. Real hustlers can work a mere job and make sure his babies go to sleep with a belly full of food and a smile on their adorable faces every night. Real hustlers know how to cut corners legally. Real hustlers have a plan to elevate his woman and give her the peace of mind because he knows that she is his Heaven on earth. Real hustlers don’t fall for the traps that are set by a racist system in the inner city ghetto reservations that a designated crime zones meant to keep the judicial system, the law enforcement community and prison/jail complexes thriving off the mistakes of your dumb black behind.

Our streets have become an unwanted fashion runway of clowns who sport their butt cheeks hanging over their pants in the most foolish of goon-like expressions. Real men and real hustlers know how to dress, they have full well rounded wardrobes and all actions CEASE when they enter a noisy crowded room from the power of their presence ALONE! The clothes they wear are not even sold in the ghetto money snatching monkey pits that many of you call malls. The corporate hustlers who handle REAL money would only expose the crack of their backside if they were vacationing down in Brazil or some  exotic island that you might have learned about in school if you only took the time to read.

These corporate giants will call their secretaries at the office while on vacation to find out how much money was made for the day while at the same time our so called neighborhood hustler will call one of their many girlfriends at their job while freshly locked up to find out how much money they could BORROW for the day so they can get bailed out of the joint! It is YOUR main girlfriend who is working a legitimate job yet it is she who pulls most of the weight with holding the bills and responsibilities down.

You’re a hustler?

Your woman rides the bus or train (Or BOTH!) every night to work while you are home thinking about what rims you are going to dress your car up with. A car that has yet to materialize ’cause the few bags of crack that you sell to the neighborhood crackheads doesn’t produce enough money!

But you don’t have the money to be able to experience real living, but you call yourself a hustler. The corporate hustlers “hustle” you because they have you on the corner risking your freedom for a new pair of kicks (Athletic footwear), some “grills”(Diamond lace tooth caps sold by Koreans in the Black ghetto malls across America that usually are placed over rotten teeth!) or a gold or platinum chain (Looks more like a noose to me!) that you so eagerly poison those in your very community for a profit. You have absolutely NO sensible plan for the empowerment of yourself, your family or your community what so ever.

You are a drain and an embarrassment to the very people that you claim to love!

When they get the phone call that you are in the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds (Most likely from another Hustla) do you think they feel an overwhelming sense of love from you when you are hurting them with your barbaric lifestyle?

When they have to endure the never ending trek to these prison/correction (Correction? No, it?s more like crime school!) facilities and have to be searched and made to wait for hours (With your hungry crying babies!) on end just to see you for an hour, do you think they love that? NO! Is this what you want for them?

There is absolutely NO excuse for not attempting to better oneself in this world. We all want everything overnight and quickly. It’s easy to want to be a Hustla and merchant of death peddling the government ordained poisons to the people that are the choice of the downtrodden instead of the slow pain of sacrifice that will beget you a lifestyle that no cop can knock your door down and lock you up for!

And if truth be told, God WANTS everyone of us to be true HUSTLERS! Yes, I am going to say that again! GOD WANTS US ALL TO BE TRUE HUSTLERS! So for all you church folk out here who are saying “Scurv done messed up now” just give me a moment to explain why I say what I say!………………

Doesn’t God speak to us in Genesis Chapter 1, Verse 28 saying:

And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish and the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth .

…………now this continues down through verse # 31, but my point is this: If we are supposed to subdue everything in the earth that was given to us by God, then aren’t we supposed to put two and two together to make it work?

If we truly sought knowledge and opened our eyes to what He has put into place around us, then, we should be full of enthusiasm to want to go out into the world and want to get our righteous inheritance by utilizing God’s principles and commands.

When you see these brothers in the streets trying to make a dollar by doing something illegally, realize that it is the right (entrepreneurial) spirit but the wrong (Drugs, guns & robbery etc.) direction. Isn’t it up to those of us who know better to embrace these lost brothers and sisters to direct and point them in a way that is most pleasing to God?

Isn’t that our job as spiritual beings?

Since it is so hard for you to tithe your earnings, why don’t you take ten percent of the time you spend surfing pornography or watching these twisted soap operas and step outside your door and merely talk to these lost souls, planting a seed within them that will one day manifest itself into a brand new person with brand new thoughts? It ain’t hard for you to stand up in the parking lot for an hour after service on a Sunday gossiping about who you think “sister so and so’s husband is sleepin’ with”, so why not go out and speak with and help to guide a lost young girl who has obviously taken to the streets to sell her precious body to support a drug habit and a baby or two?

Wouldn’t Jesus be doing the same if he were now walking the earth?

Would Jesus be in the ‘hood with the drunks, wine bibbers and prostitutes? DAMN RIGHT! Would Jesus be scared to speak without fear to an oppressive government who manipulates and sucks the blood of the very people it is supposed to serve? HELL NO!

If he can then why can’t you?

Are you better than Jesus?

I don’t think so darling!

If we tend the soil in our communities we will surely reap the benefits! If we “get our hands dirty” by fearlessly going into the so called “hoods” to save our youth then their lives won’t have that huge sense of hopelessness anymore and we would be free from non productive, ineffective, traditional religious ways and methods.

So instead of waiting on another to change what we are divinely responsible for to manifest in a spectacular manner, let’s proactively get out into the streets and HUSTLE our unique energies bringing our dreams, goals and motivations into fruition!

I don’t know about you, but righteously I am a true HUSTLER and so should YOU be too!

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