Social Media was handed over to the masses and it was like a dream come true to many. They readily gobbled it up and with it came the abilities to do many things that were unheard of just months before. Our deepest thoughts could be catapulted to the entire world with the click of a button and the replies to those same very thoughts would be returned swiftly oftentimes merely seconds after our fingers left the keyboard. Our planet got smaller because of it just as it moved faster than any other time in recorded history. Then once the smartphone was introduced in the equation joining up the internet to become a mobile phenomenon I would say the world now became hooked on this technological handheld crackpipe.

But nothing given free comes without a price!

We have become so spoiled with this new gadget and its deadly capabilities to destroy families and entire communities yet do not realize how bad it has become. Now it is time to pay the price by being constantly monitored and tracked like a hunted animal. Our privacy is nonexistent and many of us who remember life being a simpler time yearn to go back to the good old days even at the expense of handing back the technology that we once felt couldn’t live without.

But it’s too late…….

Now that our deepest thoughts have been recorded and logged in to the government’s master systems we now cannot escape the “trap that we once ran to” as those very same words that we spoke so freely just may have us marked for death if we do not agree with what the oppressor wants us to express. Censorship is how Big Brother controls us with his iron fist as we can lose a job simply because of our words spoken in our private time away from our employment comes back to bite us unexpectedly in the most inopportune of times. We now know that Social Media was a Trojan Horse handed to us for the purpose of controlling the masses who simply just can’t let it go.


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