Being on social media is worst than indulging in witchcraft. When we think of witchcraft, especially concerning those who are in the church, we often think of opening doors and portals into the spiritual realm that would later on be impossible to close.
But I’m here to tell you that social media is the modern day Ouija board.

Social media is the closest thing to witchcraft, and even superseding the effects of the occult in witchcraft in this present time.
Many of us have no idea of the powerful transferal of spirits, thoughts, and emotions that are exchanged via the various social media platforms.

I can tell you, with my over 20 years of experience on various social media platforms, that the element of the spiritual is often overlooked by people who are not aware of the dangers of being online, unguarded.

Everyone, for the most part, in the present time has access to social media freely, and they do not think twice about the dangers of being so open to the world, where anyone can infiltrate your life with just a click of a few buttons.

I can remember in the very beginning of my journey on social media, that many people spoke on how they cherished their privacy over any popularity online.
It seemed as though many of us were more aware, and had a sense of where the line was drawn even though our children didn’t have a clue about this.
Now that our children have grown up in a social media world where it is commonplace to most people, privacy has gone out the window, and is not even mentioned as much anymore.

And if you ask me, I will tell you that no matter how much these various social media platforms try to assure you that your content is private, it is the very opposite of what they say.
There are built-in mechanisms to track our whereabouts, to track our spending habits and where we spend our hard earned money, to know what we indulge in as far as our personal and private practices, and also what we search online.

So for those who feel that their computers are private, think twice.

The only place that you most likely have privacy is when you’re sitting on your favorite seat in the bathroom.
And even then you probably do not have complete privacy if you happen to be on your smart phone while you do your thing.

With that being said, there was a time in our recent past, for those of us who are over a certain age, where we vetted the people who came around us, and took time before allowing total strangers access to the inner circles of our world.

That’s just the way it was done, in the world used to be. Nowadays we can surf the net and investigate what people put up about themselves, and feel as though we are giving them a fair assessment, and if we like what we see, the doors open even faster to let them into our personal lives. But what we fail to understand is that many of these profiles on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, are engineered and manufactured to deceive the viewer of those profiles, in order to elicit a false sense of trust. Many of us believe what we see, and do not investigate further. That is our downfall because we have to realize that anybody can create a façade of deception, and fool us, and have us believing that they are authentic in what they say.

I know for a fact that there are many in the so-called religious community who have placed false information on their websites to receive donations, and to receive communications from heartbroken individuals seeking spiritual guidance in order to elevate their lives and come out from the slump that they are in.

One of the more common hustle that I see, is someone who pretends to be religious leader, a pastor or a preacher, in order to win the trust of lonely women who might be widowed or might be single and trying their best to live a decent life while fighting the natural urges that they have for a man in their life. This is a very dangerous situation because although there is nothing wrong with desiring to have a member of the opposite sex in our lives, we have to understand that there are those shysters who will capitalize on our loneliness for their own personal benefit, whether it be to get to your bank account or to get into your life to enjoy the resources that you’ve worked for, for so many years.

There was an instance where on one of my YouTube video comment sections I noticed someone had dropped many links to another YouTube video in every comment that was left on my video. Upon further investigation, I opened one particular link and found that it was someone pretending to be a pastor in Orlando who did not have a church but said they had a ministry.
I went to all the links that they had placed on the video, and they went to a website that had a phone number and had several different ways of donating money, but did not have a physical address or even any information on who this pastor was.

I knew then that this was a hustle that I needed to expose because there are so many gullible women and men out there who would fall for this and dig deep in their pockets to contribute to a man who may speak good words but have a hidden agenda and secret motivation behind his sweet words.

Not only is it a shame that there are so many people who will use a status and platform, that is respected by most, only to get money, resources, and the opportunity to manipulate innocent gullible people who have no clue, and think that they’re doing the right thing. So I’m not just putting the fault on that one who deceives, I’m also placing part of the blame on that one who did not take the time to investigate and make sure that this person who is pretending to be someone else, is the real thing.

There are so many other ways that people can deceive and use another person on social media and in cyberspace.
I myself have taken many years to build a platform that, for the most part, is trusted by many.

I am personally very proud of the platform that I have manifested, but I must say that there have been people in the past who only sought me out because they saw the trust that I was given, and they wanted to use that trust that I earned for their own selfish benefit and profit.

As human beings we tend to judge the world around us and the individuals in our circle by the state of our own mind.
If I am a gossip, I will feel as though everybody else around me is talking about me behind my back.
If I am a thief, I’m going to lean toward thinking that those around me are plotting to steal what I have from me.
If I’m a happy person, I’m going to look at the world around me as a happy place, and feel that everyone around me is optimistic and hopeful for the best in their lives.

On social media again what we see portrayed is not always the truth. We have people who will come at you in cyberspace and on social media with a smile on their face but with the intention to use you, not only for your resources but also for your positioning on the platform that you have built. I’m going to say that from this day forward anyone who I bring on to my podcasts will be thoroughly vetted to ensure that they are not frauds.

Now you will have many hard-working people who are legitimate that you will run into on social media but their practices may not be 100% clean where they will only seek to use you for what you have; let me explain…….

It has been my intention to build a community of like-minded individuals who will benefit from the camaraderie that we have amongst us. But I have found that the support that I have given in opening my platform to others is not reciprocated by those who have benefited greatly from the use of this platform. If I go to someone’s house because they invited me to wonderful dinner I would not show up empty-handed to only be a taker and not a giver.

This is the way my parents raised me. When someone affords you something of worth and open the doors to you to treat you to something very special you must always reciprocate and at least bring a gift, and after the affair is over send them a ‘thank you’ card or note to let them know how much you appreciated them…….

In my hopes to build this community I would never ask or expect anything because I see myself as a servant of the people, and my love to build goes beyond any expectation of receiving anything in return. But after a time of always giving and never receiving I couldn’t help but begin to see how much I have been taken advantage of. So while I will always be that friendly person who seeks to bring people together and seeks to elevate our people on a financial level, moral level, spiritual level, mental level, and emotional level, I must say that, because of the volume of work that I find myself doing every day, I must treat this as a business more and more.

I have never been one, in all the years that I have been online, to seek money first, but at this level of production, and the financial output that is now required to keep things going along beyond my reach, I must look at that factor and understand that the machine must be fed.

But all and all it has been a great joy to continue this platform, and to allow others to come in to benefit from the hard work that I have put in over the prior two decades.
So while I am not asking anyone to pay me anything to come on to the show, I am asking for your support on a minimal level with at least one dollar a month on That is not much to ask, and over the span of one year $12 is all it takes to contribute to this platform. Your support will allow me to do more, and to serve my people more because I know for a fact that this is what I was put here to do, and dedicate my life to.

We have no problem going to the hair salon and spending great amounts of money on a new hairstyle.
We have no problem going to the topless bar to drop lots of money on something that will not benefit us.
We have no problem betting our money on horses, or at the gambling houses, often times with no return, so therefore I do not think that is too much to ask. I also want to say that if you have a story that you want to tell or share with the world I have no problem accommodating you without charge, this is not about just money.
It has never just been about money, and it won’t be, but I am looking for the support of my people who enjoy the hard work that I have put in.

I want to warn you however, that as you explore social media in cyberspace you must put on the whole armor of protection, knowing that nine times out of 10 what you see is not really what you get.

Be very careful of those who tell you something that appears to be too good to be true. It does not hurt to investigate further when a person makes claims that are very appealing to you. More times than not they have studied up on you, know what your life is all about because of what you have put out there on social media, and they have constructed a personality to appeal to you to make you drop your guard that much more faster.

You have individuals who are felons who will hide their background from you.
You will have women who have a prostitute state of mind approach you in places where you would think that they are decent and innocent in their intentions.
You just might run across someone whose life, for them, didn’t go where they thought it would go, and now they are full of resentment toward you because they see that you potentially have a bright future in front of you.

It’s a shame that we have gone so far away from the moral standard that undergirded a decent community.
While there has always been crime and deception, and those who have not been truthful, for the most part it wasn’t so easy to get close to us, to rip us off of our various resources.

It’s a different day now, as well as it being a different world we live in. Therefore, there’s an entirely new set of laws, and rules that we must live by in order to protect ourselves, our families, our resources, and our lives.

Also, never forget that there are wonderful people, who are trustworthy, out here in the world, and we should not forget that they exist.
We should also not forget that every kind gesture doesn’t always have to have a sinister intention behind it.
That we have good people with good souls out here who only want the best for us, and who seek to only do the right thing by their fellow man and woman.

So if you run across anyone on social media, or face-to-face, the surefire method that I would suggest is to take your time and get to know them, and get to know their background, and if they hesitate to reassure you of who they are, they are now suspect.

I know theoretically that if I was to seek a closer relationship on all levels with others I’m going to make sure to allow them to see that I am who I say I am and that I don’t have anything to hide.

We cannot take people on face value anymore, and we cannot risk the theft of our resources, whether money, or emotional, or spiritual, we have to protect ourselves, as stated in the sport of boxing, at all times.

I would like everyone reading this to know that if you have had a bad experience, or a good social media experience, I would like to showcase your story on The LanceScurv Show, to enlighten those who may not know what is going on out here in the world today.
I can tell you from experience that I have had many great experiences, and far too many bad experiences that I have learned from, and I only speak the truth from what I have experienced firsthand.

Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy article. Expect more from me, and feel free to suggest any topic that you would like for me to speak on, and I will gladly do it for you.
I am always accessible, and you can reach me at my email address which is [email protected].

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always!
Your Hard Working Brother,


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