The “Social” In Social Media Is Oftentimes Another Word For Drama, Despair & Depression!

I woke up so perfectly this morning with a clean slate of a mind and feeling so peaceful after such a great night of rest.

I believe that this overwhelmingly great sense of tranquility and oneness with creation came from the fact that I made several pledges to myself yesterday and know that I now stand at the threshold of a new place in my life.

One of those promises that I made to myself was that I would live more organically away from the huge amount of technology and gadgetry that has invaded my life.

Those who truly know me understand that when I embark upon a task I can get very intense until the goal is reached and my life in cyberspace has been no different.

Yes, there is absolutely no way that we can escape its influence over our existence but that doesn’t mean that we must saturate ourselves willingly and lose so much of the flavor that a life truly disconnected from artificial advances can offer.

I have to admit that for all I’ve gained in my online pursuits I have sacrificed a lot and although I cannot recover lost time I refuse to lose out on any more beautiful sunsets, spontaneous laughs with friends and the joy of truly bonding with a live caring soul.

But this doesn’t mean that I intend to abandon my various online platforms as I intend to do the opposite and actually become even more effective in my endeavors while reducing the time spent in them to live a more organically connected life.

Those of us who have lived any good amount of time in this life know that the passage of time can be “oh so fleeting” leaving most of us wondering “how could something that appeared to be in such abundance move so fast?”

I’ve experienced too many of those moments and have decided to dump any unnecessary loads off of the cargo plane that has been my life. This leads me into the next pledge that I made to improve the efficiency of my life…….

Social Media Depression

Dead beats, energy vampires, spiritual leeches, moochers, users and perpetual drama kings and queens will be eliminated and lucky to ever catch a quick glimpse of me in passing if at all because my total resource pool is not some type of “All You Can Take” life force buffet where one can sweep down into my inner circle at will and take what they need and effectively leaving me too drained to be effective in reaching my personal goals.


I’ve been too nice for too long with these deadly superficial entities who always come around with a smile on their face as they covertly audit your every gain since the last time they’ve scanned your presence for whatever tidbit that they plan to snatch from you. This is a dog eat dog world and I only have time for someone who is actively and relentlessly pursuing their own personal dreams as this is a validation to me that they are too busy to spend the precious time trying to be my own personal bloodsucker.

I can’t really say that I’ve been a willing victim to these types, but to have them in your presence is actually draining enough because they simply can’t bring anything of value to your life. They can feign motivation and drive only but for so long before you realize that you’ve been carrying the burdens of their hangups and idiosyncrasies which spells a certain death to the abundance of enthusiasm that you normally carry in your heart.

While there are many more pledges that I made to myself I have to say that to reduce the Social Media engagement along with eliminating the deadbeats in my life will have a profound effect on the added time and peace of mind that I will attain because those two elements for the most part work hand in hand to become the time killers of your personal schedule.

Social Media PLUS Dead Beat Spiritual Vampires equal major DRAMA and I can proudly say that it’s been a very long time since I’ve had to deal with any drama and intend to keep it that way!

So whatever it is that is plaguing your life please identify the culprits and pledge to banish those negative elements immediately with an intense sense of urgency because at the end of the day your peace of mind and effectiveness in life depends on it for we do not know how much time that we have remaining on this earth and we need to not take it for granted because life is short!

This is why as time goes by I find myself looking forward to each passing day as an opportunity to enjoy and explore this huge world around me as well as sharing my precious life force with those who have truly earned the right to be in my inner circle.

Approach your life like this and you will be happy from within for a long LONG time!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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